Mykel Dixon is Australia's foremost expert on Artisan Thinking, Enterprise Artistry & Atmospheric Design.

A musician by trade, gypsy by nature, fierce nonconformist, accidental author, & prolific anti-perfectionist, he is leading a new wave of entrepreneurial experts showing forward-thinking companies how to stay relevant in a 21st Century Renaissance

As a Keynote Speaker, MC, Executive Mentor & Event Experience Designer, Mykel's work invites audiences to reawaken their innate creativity, reimagine their infinite value (as individuals and brands), and redesign their workplaces to be temporary houses of belonging; purpose built for radical inclusion, human-centric innovation and wild & untamed self-expression.

Mykel Dixon is the not-so-secret weapon for future-focussed enterprises who need to produce meaningful, impactful and highly original work. Which nowadays, is all of us.

Wanna make magic together?



The world needs your art.

Fearless in your conviction, joyful in your approach and prolific with your output. I'm on a crusade to liberate people like you and organisations like yours from limiting beliefs, outdated ideologies and archaic work environments.

Together we can turn the factory into a workshop, the office into a playground and the people into pure possibility.


An unconventional path.

Favouring experience over academia I traded a Bachelor Degree of Jazz Improvisation for Creative Entrepreneurship and spent the last 15 years making and living off my art.  

From stages to studios, green screens to street corners I've worked with exceptionally talented people on extraordinary projects across the arts/entertainment sector.


A deep calling.

Running parallel to my passion for performance I have always held a deep desire to unlock and amplify the self expression of others. 

As natural as the the tide, my current role as keynote speaker, author and advisor emerged when I was ready. Now that passion has become an obsession and I am thrilled to work so hard with so many inspiring people on something I love so much. 


The blood of a gypsy.

Whether trekking the Argentinian Andes or on surf safari in Southern Africa, breaking month long vows of silence in Indian ashrams or owning beach bars in Cambodia, I have has always valued and served my wanderlust.

These unique and diverse experiences continue to inspire and inform my ideas, my intent and my art. 

In between dreams, I'll meet you somewhere fabulous. 




Now let's talk about you.