A transformational program for executives, experts & entrepreneurs. 

Have you reached a time in your life when you're no longer having the time of your life?

Are you ready to change something but are afraid you’ll lose everything
Can you remember the last time you were truly inspired by who you are
and what you're working on

Whether running an organisation, leading a team of talent or
growing your own business/consultancy, the demands of
modern work & life have never been greater.

Many of us are feeling the weight of an emerging landscape that
is as complex as it is ambiguous. Confusion, anxiety and overwhelm
are now commonplace and anyone committed to a life beyond
the status quo seems to be facing the same dynamic challenges.


How do I stand apart from my competition in a crowded marketplace?

How do I consistently produce original work that inspires,
influences and impacts my colleagues and/or clients?

How do I transform my career, lifestyle and relationships to better
serve my soul without losing my position, any profit or the plot?



By mastering the art of you.

To navigate the murky swirl of our current world we must unlock and
unleash our unique, innate & authentic personal artistry. 

It's no longer good enough to be good at something. We need to be known
for being someone. And the best someone we can be is who we already are. 

We have enough insight, expertise and experience to carve out a career
and life that inspires us, that impacts the world and that we love.

We just haven't been focused on doing that in a way that truly unlocks that.

Until now. 

The art of you.

Learn how to activate, articulate & amplify
your personal artistry for more impact,
income & influence

or in other words

do more of what you love and get more of what you want by being all of who you are.

Who is it for?

executives . experts . entrepreneurs

Those in transition, dancing with uncertainty, seeking the next great masterpiece.

Those who've lost their mojo, grappling with complacency, searching for inspiration.

Those who need to be known, distinct & original, needing a competitive advantage.

Those who are committed to doing the work required to move from
'getting through it' to 'f@#king loving it!'.

What do you get?

A custom made mentoring program, built around your calendar
and tailored to specific outcomes that are important to you.

Previous clients report these benefits as a result of the program;

- strong sense of direction & clarity of purpose
- radical self confidence & unbridled self expression
- less concern for external acknowledgement or praise
- courage to share oneself fully without fear of judgement
- greater market positioning & awareness of brand you
- previously unseen opportunities for career acceleration
- effortless creativity and enjoyment of the process


How does it work?

To unlock your personal artistry we focus on 3 core areas.





  1. First, we'll restore your relationship with yourself. You'll learn to listen for, engage with and act from your truth. You'll wake the sleeping dragon within.
  2. Second, we'll experiment with your self expression. Define your intention and adjust your work & lifestyle to better reflect your emerging desires.
  3. And third, you'll share your unfinished self. Dial up your confidence, step into your conviction and be bold with letting the world see and know all of you.


What does it look like?

Each program is custom made to best reflect each individuals lifestyle
but loosely folds into one of three categories.



6 x 60 min sessions.
(face to face or on Skype)

We go deep fast, clear a
pathway for action, design
a strategy that serves you
& declare your next great
adventure to the centre
of your whole creative self.

Between each session, I'll be
working just as hard as you
to find the perfects ways to
unlock your greatness.




We spend a full day together. (Preferably midday to midday)

We walk, talk, eat, dream, play. 
Retreat & reflect for the night. 
Listen for diamonds. Meet for
breakfast, go hard on strategy,
setup accountability, high five.

Weekly checkin via email, call
if required, catch up for another
half day within 30 days to
adjust & align to what emerges.



A few half a days together.
(morning, afternoon, evening)

We cut straight to the chase. 
Design a daily program to open
you up. Setup accountability
& plan for predicted pitfalls.

We check in, unpack your efforts,
refine our approach & giggle. 
24/7  Email support throughout.
You become my number one.


How do I apply?

Fill out the form below, share what it is you're looking for,
dealing with, hoping to get and I'll be in touch within
48 hours to schedule a time to chat.

From there we'll uncover if this program is right for you, 
which option is best and when we can get started.

Name *


Due to my speaking, consulting & creative work, places are limited
to 5 mentoring clients at any one time. 
To check availability and ensure a start date that best suits you,
shoot through an email as soon as you can and we can explore our options. 

what she said

I have always been a confident person but as my professional life intensified six months ago with the amount of public speaking events lurking and the seriousness of the content I needed to present I began to develop anxiety. I started feeling overwhelmed by anxiety, feeling sick to my stomach at the thought of presenting and avoiding events at all costs. This started to impact on my life quite significantly.

In the first session with Mykel I acknowledged all of the feelings I had toward public speaking and the sleepless nights I was having about the amount of events coming up. Mykel responded with a question that stuck with me through every presentation since and is a question I reflect on throughout each day. Am I being authentic? The question and ongoing theme of working with Mykel is about authenticity. Learning to be authentic has been about giving myself permission to bring out my playful side when presenting, experiment with different styles of speaking, laugh, be silly and most importantly be me. It was a challenging yet life changing experience with Mykel’s gentle yet inquisitive side holding me accountable for the promises I made to myself to live my life with authenticity. Mykel guided me to let go of the assumptions I had made about what I ‘should’ be doing and instead pave my own pathway that comes from the creative place inside me. Through my journey I realised this creative place was actually where all of the anxiety was coming from because I was trying to create someone else instead of embrace me.

I have taken all of the things I have learnt through Mykel (and continue to learn) and implemented them in my personal life. In fact the journey was more about the personal than the professional. I learnt to refocus my energy, pigeon hole the problems that were overwhelming me and embrace creative outlets that inspire me such as writing, dancing and cooking. My health has improved, my relationships have strengthened and I feel like I am once again connected to who I really am.

In all honesty, everyone needs Mykel in their lives, it truly has been transformational. We now have a new saying in my friendship group, ‘What would Mykel say’ and when asked this I regurgitate something incredible I have recently learnt from him. The impact he has is further than the individual he works with, it spreads like wildfire and is very, very contagious.
— Anna McCracken, NDIS Advisor and Policy Manager (ECIA)