Are you ready for Cultural Change?

By 2020 Millennials will make up 50% of our workforce. By 2030 they will account for 75% of our global working citizens. 

In case you haven’t noticed, Millennials are an entirely new species of worker.

They value meaning over money, respond to autonomy over authority and seek community alongside collaboration. 


They’re radical and they’re coming.

They are not interested in following in your footsteps, are not concerned with how things have been done and are not prepared to wait while you figure out how to keep up with them. 

So how do you prepare culturally for this monumental shift in vision, values and approach?


Be human.

A conversation about culture is best had with our hands and our heart. 

Get out of your head, move things away from the whiteboard and stop trying to engineer a static solution do a dynamic challenge.

Millennials (and in fact all people) want to connect with people. We want to be known and acknowledged for our unique expression. We want to contribute to something that means something. And we want to do it as a team.

Most of us are willing to stretch, forgive or dig in when we know the people we work for or with are just like us. 


Be human.

Show your full self. 

And let your company be transformed into a cause, your career into a quest and your culture into a vibrant and engaged community.