The Cultural Architect

The new world of work organisations will require a new breed of worker. 

As new challenges emerge so do fresh opportunities for never before seen roles.

These roles will require skills, behaviours and mindsets that have previously been laughed or locked out of the boardroom. 

These roles will predominantly be filled by people who have ignored, avoided or survived the corporate conditioning. 

People who have reawakened their creativity, who are driven by a deeper purpose and are seeking meaningful ways to channel their unique essence.

Companies would do well to start exploring the idea of what these roles might look like. And who might fill them.

One such example is below. Inspired by the miraculous work of Tim Leberecht and his Job Description for The Business Romantic, may I introduce an emerging role in the modern business landscape I like to call, The Cultural Architect.


Job Description: The Cultural Architect


Reporting directly to the CEO The Cultural Architect is responsible for exploring, understanding and articulating the unseen elements of our workplace culture.

You will design and deploy evolving physical, mental and emotional spaces for our people to show up as the fullest expression of themselves.

You will craft meaningful experiences through spontaneous moments of play that realign our people to their passion and our company to our cause.

The applicant must possess high levels of Empathy and Intuition 

Previous experience as an Optimist and Social Artist is essential. 

We are looking for someone who is masterful at not only connecting to our people but connecting our people to each other.

We will look favourably on gypsies, seekers, healers, lovers, dreamers and believers who live the stories they tell and tell stories that inspire people to live. 

And anyone who has shown the courage to love despite countless broken hearts will be at a distinct advantage.

The Cultural Architect is the beat of the heart of our company.

Apply how, when and by whatever means calls to you.


* Taken from a Keynote written for and delivered at 'The Future Of Leadership Conference: Workplace Culture', Wednesday 22nd July, 2015 at Deakin Edge, Federation Square, Melbourne. 

* Concept of Job Description inspired by Tim Leberecht and his book The Business Romantic.


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