I'll show you mine if you show me yours

Whenever I fall off the exercise wagon, getting back on is the toughest part.

Once I've committed, if I stand any chance of working out the following morning, putting my gym clothes next to the bed is good.

But sleeping with my sneakers on is better.

That 2.4 secs it takes to put on my shoes seems to matter a whole lot more at 6 am.

Similarly, if I stop sharing my work. If my focus shifts from creating to consuming. If I once again find myself in a familiar maze of procrastination, perfectionism and paralysis, clearing my schedule to make something meaningful is good.

But setting a deadline is better.

Not a reasonable one. Not something I can tweak, or skim or blur the edges of.

Something brutal, like an hour from now. 

And this deadline is not to finish said piece of art, but to ship it. The task is to publish what I create within a horribly short timeframe so that real people can read it and judge me accordingly.

I need a deadline that gives me no possible chance of creating my best work. 

Once I have no choice but to surrender my ego, embrace my fate and accept that the world might not recognise, understand or appreciate just how wonderfully unique I am...

I am free.


In the knowledge age, we're all creators. Our success in tomorrow's economy will hinge on our ability to ideate, iterate and innovate on demand. 

Becoming comfortable with the tension of imperfection is key.

Becoming a master of your process is vital.


Worry less about how you look and more about what you ship. A photo of a sunset could never outshine the swirling, burning evolution of the real thing.

Your process is where it's at baby.

So what will you publish today?

I'll show you mine if you show me yours.