The Road To Somewhere Else

You know that somebody over there…


The one who has it all figured out. 

Smooth lines and elegant choices.


How different life would be

If you were more like them.

How much…. better.


Look at that jacket. What a fabulous jacket. 

Look at the way they stir their tea.




Put down what you’re working on

And give yourself over to their experience.

Surrender yourself.

To them. 

Observe, imitate, become. 

I've heard it’s the quickest way to where you want to go.


Wait, they’re leaving.

In a cascade of confidence and charm.

But the jacket remains. 

No one is watching.

Try it on. 

See if the sucker fits. 

Oooh it’s so nice. 

Feel the fabric of your fantasy.

Hands in pockets, get comfortable. 

Now we’re getting somewhere.

Walk out into the night. 

Following footsteps

You’re guaranteed to find your way home.

To theirs.




You catch a glimpse 

Of someone you once knew.

Buried beneath a 3 part series of foreign dreams.


The penny drops.


A pure white shrill 

Of falling copper on steel

Moves like fishing wire through butter through your heart



You’ve built yourself around the shape of someone else


It’s not as pretty as you thought

It doesn’t fit like you believed

How could you be so wrong

When it felt so right?




To my darling self,

There’s no need to squirm or fret

If you once again forget

Who you are, who you were and soon will be.


It is what it is.

And you are what you are. 

You have what you have

And what you have is all you need

To run and stretch and dream and dance and live.


So shake it off

And off you go

There’s a big bag of fun with your name written all over it