Show Me Your Stuff

To all our wonderful content creators, 

(especially me)

This is your time.

Don’t waste it.

And please, don’t waste ours. 

We don’t need another blog post on Leadership. Another white paper on Culture. Another ebook on Collaboration. 

We need you.

We want to hear YOUR ideas.

The juicy stuff that emerges from the uniqueness of your experience. That subtle blend of choice and chance you've ridden all your life. That one in seven billion kinda thing.

The stuff behind the stuff you think we want to hear. 

The stuff that leaves you open to debate, to criticism, to disagreement.

The stuff that you are absolutely positive will cost you a large portion of your 'target audience'.

That’s the stuff we’re looking for. That’s the stuff we need. That’s the stuff that will make a difference to you, to me, to us and to them.

So write, make, create and share that.

I’ll admit it’s not as easy at first. It’s hard to know the stuff from the fluff.

But here’s a hint. 

If it flows when you know there's no threat of being published; if it's placed in the crate labeled 'soon as I've made it'; if you're clouded in doubt and the only way out is to lay your pen down...

You’re probably in the right place. 

Start there and you'll take us somewhere new.

And whether we remember to tell you or not, we'll love you for it.

Your turn.