How To Weather The Storm

There’s a reason why art is so revered and yet so feared.

To make art means to not only touch but to reveal the most vulnerable parts of ourselves. 

To listen for, engage with and act upon how we feel is dangerous work.

And in a world that both champions and destroys those that risk their heart for their art it’s no surprise we’re cautious to do the same.


But soon we will have to.

As outgoing CEO of Cisco John Chambers declared last week, at their giant customer conference in San Diego, “40% of businesses in this room, unfortunately, will not exist in a meaningful way in 10 years”.   

More tech is coming and it’s insatiable desire for disruption will force you to reinvent your business, your offering and ultimately yourself. 


But there is nothing to fear.

Your company may not exist in 3 years, your skill set irrelevant in 5 but you cannot be replaced.

The unique way you dream, perceive and contribute to the world around you has never been more valuable.


How fluent are you with your self expression?

How anchored are you to your desire?

How willing are you to explore, embrace and embody your personal artistry?


In an unpredictable future, the safest thing you can do, is risk it all on you.