More Than A Book Launch

Where do I begin. 

Of course with gratitude.

THANK YOU to all the beautiful, gorgeous, fabulous, delightful, stunning, extraordinary people who came out on a cold, rainy, Tuesday and who absolutely, positively got real for a few hours. 

Extra special mention must go to my darling wifey Kate for (wo)manning the merchandise. Julia Archibold for taking the snaps. Davey Dixon for shooting the film. Trig and Jez for laying down beatnik Jazz vibes for me to glide on. Nigel and Xav for spinning wax. Rahul for bringing me a globe. 

Extra Extra special mention must go to anyone who took just a moment to reflect on, sink into and commit to bringing more creativity into their daily lives (which was all of you).

Here's a few snaps




But superdupercalifragilisticexpialidocious THANK YOU to the 7 brave creatives who shared their story and their soul in service of the space. 


This is what the whole night was about.
This is what the whole book was about.
God damn it!
This is what my entire life has been about!


That moment.
That electric, magnetic, dangerous, delicious, spontaneous, splendid moment when someone steps out from who they were and into who they now must be.
When someone gives up looking good and ends up looking fucking fantastic!
When someone hears the call within and surrenders to what the world wants to happen.

This is how it all went down. 


I spoke a few times, we chatted, I read a poem or two, we drew closer, we had a second wine, we sunk into ourselves and then.... I made way to the side of stage and waited....

For you.

And we waited....

Some of you worried....

Still we waited....


Onur Ekinci made his way to the stage.

He spoke so eloquently of his journey. Of what was missing and why. Of what he longed to bring back and the value of sharing in nights like these. 

And just like that, he started a movement.

But first....we waited....


Adam Murray stepped into the spotlight

He told us that he made a promise he would start speaking more in public. He made that promise a good 3 minutes before fulfilling it. And the roof was raised. Then he enlightened us of the legacy that lives in Birrarung Marr. A sacred space that has held speakers for thousands of years. Look for him there from now.

And then he was gone....


Anelia Heese spoke nothing but truth. 

Overcome by recent events she spoke of her outrage at the Stanford Rape case. She shared of her desire to becoming bolder as a feminist, to standing taller for gender equality, she shared what was real for her and made it real for us. 

It was raw, an honest, and authentic...

And then...

ZHANGZHENGRONG FENG just couldn't help himself.

This pocket rocket was flying solo. He knew no one in the room but was so overcome with emotion and feeling he had to make his way to stage and share his appreciation for nights like these and people like us.

And that he'd love to stay longer but his wife is at the door waiting for him. 

And off he went....


The Boss came to town

Mark Truelson is no stranger to self-expression. But he'd been a stranger to himself and now, through the words of Bruce Springsteen he would make his return. He shared of a broken marriage, of a heart turned cold through living. But those days are done. There is a new love in town and when he declared to love his date, harder than she'd ever been loved, everyday for the next 50 days.... 

We lifted the roof off....

And then....

David (dreamboat) Elston went where no dreamboat has gone before. 

Centre stage. 

He stood there like he belonged, like he was born for bringing the brave. He spoke about what he'd surrendered since he got serious and found some success. Then told us that it's time to bring back the guitar that gave him what lit him on fire.

And then....


Kate McCreedy took us to church

The day before this moment Kate's beloved friend, mentor and singing teacher passed away. She said that she'd promised to sing a song for her and was yet to do so. Now was as good a time as there will ever be. And so, together, she lead us in a sermon of 'Amazing Grace'

It got spiritual....


Everybody's favourite Thom Mann went dancing.

As a professional creative Thom shared of how far from creativity he often feels. How making a living making Art for others has meant he's made little for himself. But that now, he would place his expression in the centre of his attention. And everyday he'd chip away at the symphony that's lived in his head for so long.  


And that's what it's all about people. 

Radical people coming together, to make things and share about them, to hang out, open up, let go and step into the biggest, boldest vision and version of ourselves. 

The world is busy now. Busier than it's ever been. If we're not careful we'll miss the opportunity that is written in the time that we are living.

We do this because we can, because we need to and because it makes the difference. 


Wednesday July 20th we'll be doing it all again.

In a new venue, with new guests and a new opportunity to unleash your self-expression. 

To find out when (limited) tickets are available subscribe to the 'Backstage Pass' and join your fellow mavericks, rouges and pioneers for a collective experience that goes well beyond the brochure.