When Things Heat Up Will You Burn?

There is a fire that burns in you. 


It was there long before your first breath and will linger long beyond your last. 

It travels with you always.

Without motive, without judgement, without influence.


It merely burns. 

For you and because of you. 


It might be in need of a attention. 

It might be nothing more than a flickering ember of yesterdays promises. 

The fading lucidity of a long forgotten dream.

But it will not and can not ever burn out. 


That flame is the thread that links your days with your years.

Your life with your legacy. 


Turn to face it now. 

Take a moment to feel the heat of you. 

Rest in it’s embrace. 

Be lifted by your light.

Then get up and keep walking.


As you strive and toil through the battles of life.

Keep your eyes open for kindling. 

For sticks and dry grass, leaves and logs. 

Through good times and bad.

 Keep feeding the fire of you.


For when the cold set in,

and it will.

The white hot coals will warm your skin.


For when darkness descends,

and it will.

The glow of the flame with reveal the way.


For when exhaustion engulfs you,

and it will.

Boil your tea. 

Bake your potatoes.

And burn the barrier between you and your fabulous self.


Whatever challenge you’re facing.

 Whatever struggle you hope to overcome.

 Whatever fear, injustice or pain that stands in your way.


Let it burn.


Use it to feed the fire of you. 

Fuel the flame that dances between what was and what will be.

Surrender yourself to the fire of your transformation.

And burn bigger, brighter and hotter than before.