Why Art Will Save Your Ass.

At this very moment in time, someone somewhere is building something that will change the way you work forever. 

Technology has, is and will continue to transform our lives at an ever-increasing rate.

How long until your industry, market or job description feels the impact of this disruption is unknown but rest assured...

It's coming.


In the information age, if it can be measured, we’ll make a machine for it. 

In an article detailing the 'second machine age', Tim Laseter wrote "Number crunching computers will replace number crunching managers" and according to those in the know automation is no longer bound to entry level positions or unskilled work.

So how can we effectively prepare ourselves with the skills, experience and mindset to navigate the oncoming barrage of technological disruption?


We make art. 


Tim Leberect, author and former CMO of global design & innovation firm Frog, recently said in his latest book The Business Romantic

"As Big Data and sophisticated analytical tools allow us to make our processes more efficient, intuition and creativity are fast becoming the only differentiating factors among competitors"


Make more art.

Make your life, relationships and company; your workflow, projects and profile; your emails, customer service and christmas parties a glorious, vibrant and evolving work of art.

Create products, services and systems that have meaning, that are elegant and that move us.


Give up trying to chase the trends or outrun the threats and just make more art.

It's not as hard as you think.

And it's a whole lot more fun.