Busk me out to your network

And I'll make you look like a superhero

What I speak on?

Creativity - Artisan Thinking
[the future belongs to the artists. Unlocking and unleashing our unique & innate creativity is the surest path the continuing relevance, fulfilment & profit]

Culture - Cultural Architecture
[the art & science of vibe design. How to be someone who can create the conditions for everyone to step into their full self-expression]

What clusters do they serve?


The Art Of You - Mentoring - Executives & leaders in career or life transition

Project X Factor - Mentoring - Independent consultants, solopreneurs looking to enhance their brand positioning.


The Cultural Architect - Mentoring - Business owners & leaders, community managers, coworking teams. Anyone who is a cultural leader (officially or unofficially) in a biz or community.

The Art & Science of Vibe Design -Training - Any business that require the creation of a rockin vibe both for themselves and/or their customers. ie successful restaurants, coworking spaces, medium sized businesses or specific departments in large orgs.

Who I'm looking for?

  • Business owners or leaders within medium to large orgs.
  • Event and conference organisers.
  • Group size 20 - 10,000 is totally fine. 
  • Professional organisations, industry groups, networking & rotary groups are all perfect. 
  • Anyone who is looking for something fresh, different & fun.
  • Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra are all okay.

What they get?

A fresh understanding of what creativity is, why it's important and how they can unlock it within themselves through simple daily practice. They'll leave believing they are an Artist and will be empowered to start making creative things with their business and life.

A new framework for approaching culture that is relevant to our time. They'll leave inspired and empowered with simple yet powerful actions they can take to put heart & soul back into their biz and team

Session length

Anywhere from 20 mins - 90 mins

Need collateral to share?

Download my black paper on Artisan Thinking here.

Download my blue paper on Cultural Architecture here.

Download my event guide here

Download my book about love #5omeone here

Thanks a bazillion.

You rock hard.