"It was an enormous pleasure working with Mykel on The Business Romantic Oz Tour 2017. He organised marquee events in Melbourne and Sydney as well as several workshops and dinners and he also orchestrated and ran the entire marketing campaign for the tour. His passion, perseverance and marketing smarts were instrumental in making the tour a huge success. Aside from him being a comersurate professional, Mykel is a true business visionary. He not only thought of and wrote about Artisan Thinking long before business mainstream took notice, he embodies it with passion and rigour.

I have never met someone who switches so easily between artistic vision and practical value, strategic foresight and hands-on delivery, boardroom and rock 'n roll. He is an exceptional, witty and entertaining speaker, host, moderator, experience designer and performer while also being a highly collaborative and empathic team player. Mykel is the real deal. If you want your business or leadership to be 'radically human', not hiring him would be a radical mistake."
- Tim Leberecht, International best selling author, 3 x TED speaker, global thought leader.

Mykel performed Master of Ceremonies duties at an event that I convened this month. The event brought together over 100 social change makers and Mykel was in his element! He exuded energy and compassion and played a pivotal role in shaping the experience of all of the attendees throughout a long, emotional and inspiring day. We could not have created such a memorable experience without him. Thank you Mykel!

– Sam Yorke - Senior Executive, Google / Youtube Australia


"Ive had the good fortune to see Mykel present and emcee at the 99u event in Melbourne and invited him to speak at a 2016 PSA VIC/ TAS event. In 3 words - transformational, captivating, genius! In my role as VP of Professional Speakers Australia Vic/ Tas, I have the privilege of experiencing the talents of many great speakers. Mykel Dixon brings a new paradigm to authenticity and self expression. I highly recommend Mykel for his high quality, unique and engaging keynotes, presentations and emcee work.
- Kerryn Gamble - VP Professional Speakers Association

SAlly Curtan_NextGen Gov 150 h.png

'I had the pleasure of working with Mykel at the launch of our new flexible work space VIBE. After seeing him MC the 99U event earlier in the year, I knew he would be perfect. We needed someone who understood the value of alternative ways of working and could champion our cause in a dynamic and engaging way. He didn't disappoint. His use of music and his natural authentic style was a breath of fresh air and perfectly complimented our vision for inspiring innovation and collaboration. I would highly recommend Mykel to anyone needing a speaker or MC and look forward to working together in the future."
- Sally Curtain, Strategic Director Innovation, City of Casey.


"In my role it is essential I stay on the leading edge of innovation and L&D. Whenever I need to shake things up and get my people thinking outside the box, I head straight to Mykel Dixon. Creative Artist, Chief Experimenter, Business Romantic, the Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla. His content is real, relevant and rock solid but when he delivers it with the band he's untouchable. Mykel has provided my and the teams I lead with a truly exciting and inspiring view of the role of Artistry in work. As the world of business is increasingly disruptive, and finding our niche is where it's at, Mykel will continue to be a true leader in thought and action. I have no hesitation in recommending him with a hot tip - make him bring the band!"

– David Lawson, Director of Innovation & Organisational Development, Bayer Australia 

"Mykel presented at the CEB International HRD Forum in October 2016 to a room full of HRDs. He engaged, entertained and provoked thinking. It was a refreshing and stimulating session and I look forward to finding an opportunity for us to work together in the future."
- Carole Field, Director DEB HR Multinational Forum


"Last Friday, I had the privilege to enter a space lovingly created, with care and compassion by Mykel Dixon. Mykel's deep love, visceral humanity and thirst for authenticity imbued this event. He wove a team together that did the one thing we struggle to do, the one thing that gives more meaning to life, we chose to serve others. It is this that made The Business Romantic Tour an experience of living that leaves behind more than it takes."

- Murali Maheswaran, Transformational Human Centred Designer.

When thinking about Mykel and his talents I reflect upon his ability to perform and deliver with such astonishing clarity of purpose, a deep sense of connection and conviction and a freshness that creates a need for further enquiry both individually and collectively. Mykel's ability to collaborate and create space for curiosity, adventure and experimentation is something I witnessed firsthand at the Business Romantic Events 2017. Easily the best day I've ever experienced and for so many reasons. I'm excited and inspired to have the opportunity to learn from this extraordinary artist, author and thinking performer."

- Leisa Harts, Head of Org Change, Unisuper.

"After seeing Mykel speak at The Future of Leadership Conference in Melbourne, I knew he was the guy to help drive the cultural change I was embarking on with my team. The Cultural Architect concept he’s developed and lives by is not only refreshing, but is absolutely the way forward when fostering a workplace culture of innovation, productivity and enjoyment. Mykel’s unique take on what can typically be a fairly dry topic instantly engaged my team, and has since inspired a whole new way of looking at team and organisational culture. Mykel’s passion for making workplaces much more than just a place you turn up to do a job, challenges creative thinking in aspects that often get forgotten in modern business."
- Andrew Wadey, Content & Production Manager, World Vision Australia

We asked Mykel to speak at our 2015 National Disaster Resilience Roundtable and were thrilled by his unique and valuable contribution. His innovative approach to building successful cultures and the generosity with which he shared his ideas and experience was a welcome breath of fresh air. His thoughts and experience in the co-working space were of high quality and were very well received by our participants from a range of stakeholders. I can thoroughly recommend Mykel as both a speaker and thought leader and will continue to call on him when we require dynamic, out of the box thinking"
- Joshua Hallwright, National Senior Project Officer, Red Cross Australia

"Our team have loved every minute we've worked with Mykel. It's rare to find someone so committed to not only solving cultural challenges and improving life at work but enjoying the journey along the way.I can strongly recommend him to anyone interested in working on culture or employee engagement."
Troy Westley - CEO at CareMonkey

"I engaged Mykel to help me delve into and articulate my personal brand and positioning. Mykel is a creative genius. He has an amazing way with words and is able to bring ideas together in a unique proposition. He has a great depth of understanding, compassion and humility that make him a joy to work with. I'd highly recommend him."
Micelle Gibbings - Change & Leadership Expert, Speaker, Author

"I engaged Mykel to help me understand and shape the culture of a new program I was starting. What I got was that and a whole lot more. Through my work with Mykel I have come to better understand myself and what I have to offer others. I has allowed me to develop a greater conviction for my work and a love for the people I work with. I would unreservedly recommend Mykel to anyone who want to tap into their uniqueness and do the work they love"
- Simon Waller - Speaker, Author, Advisor


"Thanks to Mykel's mentoring, we created something more bold, daring and uniquely differentiated than I ever could have made myself. The resulting videos, audio branding and the confidence I have in my collaterals has already translated into more sales. But the most valuable thing was the mentoring. The Artisan thinking Mykel brings to unlock brand  results that feel effortless. If you need to refresh your personal branding - but know that it needs to stay fresh, savvy, unique and differentiated - it's no secret that I highly recommend Mykel Dixon."
- Dr Jason Fox, Bestselling Author & Keynote Speaker Of The Year 2016


"After seeing Mykel speak and being blown away by his originality, I knew he was the perfect guy to help me with the 2016 Australian Open Rally. This is the biggest team event on our calendar and we needed it to be bold, audacious and thought provoking. If you need someone fresh to help you create something different, then he’s your man. Mykel was so easy to work with. Always happy to come in and work with the team prior to the event. And the way he weaved live music throughout his presentation was just brilliant. It gave our event an edge and our audience something they’ve never seen before. It was awesome. He is awesome. If you want your event to be awesome, then just hire him and enjoy the magic."

– Jaquie Scammell - Director of Customer Relations, Tennis Australia


"I've had the pleasure of working with Mykel a couple of times now when we have engaged him as a speaker for the Future of Leadership series that we run each year. Mykel is an unique talent that entertains, informs and inspires. The inclusion of his music into his presentations is a bit like having your own Herbie Hancock on stage. Few that I have seen could pull off what Mykel achieves and he does it in such a compelling way. A real difference to what's out there and it's why we keep inviting to be part of what we are doing. Engage him and you will be pleased with yourself for doing something different."
- Peter Baines, Keynote Speaker, Business Consultant, Board Director

"Poetic cultural truths that light up a room. Words collide with art and the result is something special. This man doesn't speak at you, he takes you on a journey of passionate expression that inspires you, challenges you and elevates your soul. Creative genius, master of engagement and the real deal. What really stands out for me though is this mans passion to see others be great and do great things. I always look forward to a conference with him in it. Audiences around the world (and me) love him and I know you will too. Dare to be different and prepare to be amazed. Ladies & gentlemen, Mr Mykel Dixon." 
- Ben Nicholson, People & Culture Suncorp Group

"Throughout my career, I have never experienced anything quite like The Business Romantic event that Mykel so beautifully curated and hosted.His authentic ability to design a remarkable event ensured that everyone came away with a unique, meaningful and human centred experience. I personally left feeling truly inspired. Mykel's artistic talent lights up a room and makes everyone feel accepted, alive warm and engaged. He has the incredible ability to bring out the best in everyone and I can't wait to experience another one of his events soon."
- Mel Norton, Project Manager, Event Specialist, Strategic Partnerships.

"Mykel delivered the keynote address at the Gippsland Community Leadership Program 20th anniversary function. Mykel's style is tantalizingly different to other speakers. He is not your run-of-the-mill keynote presenter. We invited Mykel to be involved because we knew he would deliver his thoughts on a new platform for leadership and artisan thinking. We got so much more. Members of the audience were still talking about his address two weeks later. We will be recommending Mykel to other regional leadership programs, and to anyone who asks"
- Maree McPearson, Coach, Mentor, Facilitator.

"Mykel is a bit like a modern day version of polymath Leonado da Vinci. He's an exceptionally talented writer (his book Just do 5omething rocks!), speaker, artistic creator, film maker and musician. His live performances have to be seen to be believed. Plus, his heart is about the same size as Australia. Which is pretty big. Mykel's gonna leave a lasting impression, and I can't wait to witness it."
- Patrick Hollingworth - Keynote Speaker, Author, Advisor

"Wow, Mykel Dixon certainly knows how to craft a unique event. The entire day was curated with such precision and Mykel's ability to allow free thought and expression, while sticking to business outcomes, is an incredible talent. As a speaker and MC, Mykel was inspiring, passionate, engaging and provided forward-thinking ideas, that every audience member was engrossed in his every word.

His belief that all workplaces should be authentic and connected and a beautiful place for humans to spend their time is infectious. If you ever get the opportunity to see Mykel speak or attend one of his events, I would highly recommend you clear your diary and make it happen.".

- Heidi Dening, Workplace Wellness Expert.

"Mykel Dixon is unique. What he brings to the table is an arrayed depth of experience that makes his council so valuable. The business world needs new thinking, new modes of operation and Mykel Dixon through his twin passions of Cultural Architecture and Artisanal thinking provides a necessary salve. We at the Disruptive Business Network were privileged to host Mykel as a speaker and he wowed the audience with the precision of his insights as well as his gregarious humour. I would not hesitate in recommending Mykel’s various talents for Keynotes or consulting to get your business culture rocking."
- Rahul Soans, Co-Founder Balancing Act3 & Disruptive Business Network

"My health has improved, my relationships have strengthened and I feel like I am once again connected to who I really am. In all honesty, everyone needs Mykel in their lives, it truly has been transformational. The impact he has is further than the individual he works with, it spreads like wildfire and is very, very contagious."
- Anna McCrackenNDIS Advisor and Policy Manager at ECIA

"Mykel's the kind of guy who will get you to pause and really reflect on what you're really about: what you stand for, what defines you, what you represent. Knowing your purpose, articulating it and standing in it with absolute conviction is the key ingredient to any kind of leadership, because it sits at the heart of mobilising others. This is where Mykel will make a real difference to your own leadership."
-Simon Dowling - Professional Speaker, Facilitator, Coach & Author

"Mykel seriously had the room ready to jump out of their chairs and rock! His message of creativity delivered in such a way completely moved those I was seated with. Mission accomplished from a very talented speaker!" 
- Jane Anderson - Author, Speaker, Podcaster.

"It has always been a pleasure to engage Mykel in creative projects - particularly projects with a chance for him to shine on the stage! He speaks with authenticity, humour and wit and he has a natural gift for engaging an audience." 
- Kirsteene Phelan -CEO at Trecose

It's a truly beautiful thing to come across someone like Mykel. Someone who is unreservedly aware of exactly what it is they have to offer the world, and communicates and shares that with infectious enthusiasm. Mykel is not only a one-of-a kind presenter (the furtherest possible thing from a powerpoint deck and "3 key points" you could imagine) but he is a true thought provoker and it's people like him that are keeping our world alive with zest and creativity.  Book him to speak, buy his book for your teams, follow his social channels – you will regret nothing." 
- Rhiannon Tuntevski - Marketing Ninja, Keynote Speaker