Things are different now.

You know this. 

The way we live and work, buy and sell, travel   share and love has changed forever.

By the time you're done reading this someone, somewhere will have disrupted another market, model or industry.


Globalisation, population growth and the rise of technology have birthed an unsettling instability.

Merging markets, disruptive innovation and superficial trends are the foundation of the modern work climate. 

How can we stay ahead when everything that worked yesterday could tomorrow be our undoing? 

What will give us the edge in an increasingly     unpredictable business landscape?


The single most valuable and equally most under-utilised resource we have is our creativity

The ability to dream, design and deliver innovative solutions to complex problems remains the defining factor between success and failure in the modern work climate.

As the world moves further into uncertainty the need for creative thinkers is amplified. 

Are you one of them?

Create or die [model / picture]

The future belongs to the artists.

Through mentoring programs, corporate workshops and experiential events I help people like you transform their  relationship to creativity, culture and leadership. 

So you can build organisations, teams and collaborative work environments that utilise their imagination, dance with innovation and harness the infinite power of creativity.


What people are saying.

Mykel’s ability to examine, identify and articulate the unseen make him an invaluable asset to any organisation who are serious about innovation.
— James Bond, Special Agent, MI6
Mykel is the very definition of cultural architect. A delight to work with and an truly insightful leader in the field of creativity and culture.
— Maxwell Smart, Secret Agent, CONTROL
Hilarious, engaging, funny, joyful. Loved every minute of Mykel’s Keynote and would recommend him to anyone.
— Austin Powers, CEO, Big Spy Agency

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