Mykel is an accomplished and in demand speaker for conferences, workshops and events. 

Drawing on his vast experience in the performing arts he has a penchant for turning the mediocre into the memorable and a gift for wrapping thought provoking ideas in captivating entertainment.

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Who will survive and thrive in the modern business landscape?

What we'll cover in this keynote;
- Why understanding and implementing Artistic principles will save you
- The difference between Creative, Design or Artisan Thinking
- How Artisan Thinking can transform your process, product and people
- How to think, build and make like an Artist

The Cultural Architect.

As the world grows more complex and our work becomes simultaneously more collaborative and autonomous, every workplace will require a new kind of leader who calls upon skills, talents and mindsets that were formerly laughed or locked out of the boardroom. 

Drawing on case studies from the worlds leading cultural companies, emerging trends across business and lifestyle sectors and his own experience as the Cultural Architect in Residence at Australia’s oldest co-working space (inspire9), Mykel unpacks the traits of a contemporary role that is as ambiguous as it is imperative for the modern business landscape. 

In this keynote you’ll explore the art and science of creating, developing and sustaining a vibrant community.

Key learnings;
- Who is a cultural architect, what do they do & why do you need one
- What are the skills necessary for this emerging contemporary role
- How to attract, develop and retain a cultural architect
- How will future trends impact your company's culture and what to do about it

Unlocking Authentic Charisma

Most of us would love to be more charismatic. To captivate the attention of others and positively influence those around us would make a remarkable difference to our personal and professional lives.

But most of us believe charisma is only for the lucky few, born with an innate magnetism that cannot be learned or taught. 

What if charisma was less about confidence and more about purpose? Less about charm and more about empathy? And is not something we’re born with but something we can practice? 

In this keynote Mykel dismantles our current view of charisma, unpacks the behaviour and mindset of charismatic people and lays out a powerful set of practices you can apply to build your own natural charisma. 

Questions we'll answer in this keynote;
- What are the mindsets and behaviours of charismatic people
- Why charisma is not just for extroverts or 'alpha' type personalities
- How to access and activate your authentic charisma on demand