Mykel is an accomplished and in demand speaker for corporates and events. 

Drawing on a his vast experience in the performing arts Mykel's keynote presentations are unquestionably original, highly engaging and wildly creative. He has a natural ability for turning mediocre into memorable.

To book Mykel for your event or to find out about availability and pricing don't hesitate to reach out and we'll find a solution for you.

The Future Belongs To The Artists

Who will survive and thrive in the modern business landscape?

What we'll cover in this keynote;
- Why understanding and implementing Artistic principles will save you
- The difference between Creative, Design or Artisan Thinking
- How Artisan Thinking can transform your process, product and people
- How to think, build and make like an Artist

The Cultural Architect

An emerging role in the modern business landscape.

What you'll learn in this keynote;
Who is a Cultural Architect and why are they essential 
- What are the skills required to be a Cultural Architect
How to attract, develop and retain a Cultural Architect
- What are the skills required to recognise, develop and maintain a vibrant company culture

Unlocking Authentic Charisma

How to recognise, reawaken and realign to your authentic self for more influence and impact in work and life. 

In this keynote you'll discover;
- Why charisma is less about confidence and more about purpose
- Why charisma is not just for extroverts or 'alpha' type personalities
- Where to find your authentic charisma 
- How to access your authentic charisma on demand