Have you unlocked
your X factor?

You're going to need it. 

Do you find yourself looking with envy at your competitors content, clumsily attempting to replicate it only to end up with something you’re neither proud of nor inspired by?

Do you catch yourself thinking up new, exciting and dangerous ways to express your message? Only to suppress or dilute them in favour of what's comfortable, fearful that you’ll lose or upset a tiny segment of your network?

Do you have any idea what truly sets you apart from everyone else? And if so, are you leveraging the hell out of that? 

The people I work with are ready.

They’ve built a strong client base and have already found  success. But deep down they know that what worked for them yesterday won't make the cut tomorrow.

They recognise the importance of updating their brand, but with a busy schedule and a back-catalogue of 'tried n true' ideas, it’s difficult to see the wood for the trees.

When you're so close to your own brand, you can get stuck in your own stuff. 

Unable to see your distinctive brilliance you play it safe, follow the trends and wind up fitting in.

Which is deadly in a crowded, dynamic & constantly evolving marketplace.

I help the best, explore, embody & express their uniqueness for greater brand positioning and profit. 

in other words

I mentor the mavericks


Here's the skinny. 10 years ago, a logo was important. 5 years ago your website could make the difference. Today?

It's all about creativity, conviction & congruence.

You need to know & be the fullest expression of who you are. Once you nail that, everything else is just effortless.

something to think about

When the fit want to get fitter, they get a personal trainer. Someone who can watch them workout, adjust their technique and push them further than they would on their own. 

When the successful want to enhance their position, they get an impartial expert to draw out their uniqueness, co-design strategies to showcase their authentic selves and help produce content sequences that both inspire and empower their clients and themselves.

Next steps...

If you're serious about your brand (and you should be), if you feel like something's missing (and there usually is), then you need an impartial expert to help you identify your X-factor, accentuate your uniqueness & elevate your position.

It starts with an email but ends with a whole lot of hugs, high fives & happiness.

Shoot through a note detailed your interest and I'll be in touch to arrange a quick chat to determine if we're right for each other. With this kind of work, it's a two way street. 


What people are saying

Dr Jason Fox

Speaker author Advisor

When it comes to marketing and promoting myself, I'm my own worst enemy. I'm too close to my work, and so everything gets distorted. I either spend wayyy too long perfecting something incongruent, or I procrastinate and chafe at how old and outdated my brand collaterals are. 

But alas—what else can you do? The last thing I'd want is to create something mediocre like many other consultants. That's just not my game.

And so, over the years I became so used to this cycle of self-flagellating procrastifectionism. I thought it was the only way... until I met Mykel. 

Together, we worked on Project X-Factor: refreshing the brand in a way that's both pioneering and unique. 

And I just LOVE the result. And... that's the surprising thing. Normally I'm incredibly good at finding fault in my own work. Much akin to listening to a recording of yourself—this stuff is almost always cringeworthy. But with Mykel, it isn't. It's glorious! I'm positively ecstatic about it. Marble statues and/or bronze monuments ought be built for this man!

Thanks to Mykel's mentoring, we created something more bold, daring and uniquely differentiated than I ever could have made myself. The resulting videos, audio branding and the confidence I have in my collaterals has already translated into more sales. 

But the most valuable thing was the mentoring. The artisan thinking Mykel brings unlock brand results that feel effortless. 

And so, if you need to refresh your personal branding—but know that it needs to stay fresh, savvy, unique and differentiated—it's no secret that I highly recommend Mykel Dixon.

Simon Waller

Speaker Author Mentor

"I engaged Mykel to help me understand and shape the culture of a new program I was starting. What I got was that and a whole lot more. Through my work with Mykel I have come to better understand myself and what I have to offer others. I has allowed me to develop a greater conviction for my work and a love for the people I work with. I would unreservedly recommend Mykel to anyone who want to tap into their uniqueness and do the work they love."