reclaim your bliss


A creative recovery program for perfectionists, procrastinators & creative under performers.

Creative work can be a dangerous place.

Fraught with fear and self sabotage. To make art means to not only touch but to reveal the most vulnerable parts of ourselves  to an often cold and indifferent world. 

Too many would be artists, makers and dreamers fall victim to  the blasphemy of self doubt that surround their self expression. 

Every time a song goes unfinished or a vision goes theres just unspoken, the creator, the company   or the cause are robbed of beauty, possibility or profit. 


Your creative recovery is the single most important thing you can do for yourself, your organisation and your world. 


Reclaim Your Bliss is a creative recovery program for perfectionists, procrastinators and creative under-performers.


Suitable for professional and/or aspiring artists, creatives or executives who strive for and/or require the ability to consistently produce innovative, original work.


The 90 day program is anchored in the design and implementation of a custom designed art project, broken into weekly deliverables, within the participants chosen field of creative pursuit. 


Participants will be coached on their process, mentored on their self expression and supported throughout their unique journey to creative freedom.


The outcome of the program will be an entirely new body of work, a revitalised relationship to the creative process and a clear pathway for building on the momentum gained throughout.

Along with the experience of reclaiming your bliss many participants speak of the unexpected benefits of the program that include but are not limited to;


  • a strong sense of direction and clarity of purpose 
  • radical self confidence and unbridled self expression
  • less concern for external acknowledgement or praise
  • experience more joy and fulfilment throughout the creative process
  • the courage to share unfinished ideas without fear of judgement
  • previously unseen opportunities for growth and/or career advancement
  • freedom to enjoy colleagues/competitors work without comparison or envy

If you long to break through the barriers that inhibit your self expression. Climb out of the confusion that keeps you from creating. Leave behind the lie that you’re ‘not good enough’, ‘not ready’ or ‘not original’ and paint, sing, dance, type, sew, glue and fold your way to freedom...


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program outline

Step one

Register Interest by clicking here


Step two

Discussion via phone with Mykel about your interest in the Reclaim Your Bliss mentoring program


Step three

Receive email confirmation of acceptance into the mentoring program and further details for payment, course outline and terms and conditions.


Step four

Upon receiving payment in full prior to commencement of the  program you will receive the program pre-reading and  pre work  materials. Along with a calendar request to arrange the first  2 hour immersive with Mykel and begin your program.


Step five

Begin the program with a two hour immersive with Mykel to unpack your intentions, frame your outcomes and co-design your creative recovery program.


Step six

Continue to do the program as it is designed, including all your weekly deliverables.


Step seven

2 hour completion immersive to celebrate your success,  reaffirm your commitment and strategise the next steps  in your creative evolution.


Step eight

A round of drinks, Mykel is buying

Program Details


12 week Mentoring Program

2 x 2 hour face 2 face immersive* (week 1 and week 13).

4 x 1 hour face to face ‘hour of power’ sessions*  (week 3, 5, 7, 9).

Email support throughout.

Course booklet and pre-work material included.


* face 2 face can be in person or over Skype depending on location.

Program Cost - $3000 (+gst)

Program must be paid in full before commencement of first immersive.

About Mykel

The seeds of this program began on an isolated beach in Cambodia where Mykel lived for a year in seclusion to specifically address his own creative recovery.


Despite moderate success as a professional songwriter, performer and recording artist, Mykel still felt suffocated by a fear of failure, an addiction to approval and a  penchant for perfectionism and procrastination. 


Holed up in a custom designed geodesic dome that served as his studio/home/workshop he observed and experimented with his own creative process whilst studying the routines and ideologies of others. 


Much work was created and many insights were gained but it wasn’t until he returned to Melbourne and launched a project called 5ongs that the real breakthroughs began.


Throughout 2014 Mykel wrote, recorded and released an original song every week for 50 weeks.


The resulting confidence in his creative ability, the liberation from fear and guilt and the exhilaration of unbridled self expression that engulfed every area of his life has entirely transformed his sense of self.


Now into his second year long project entitled 5poken, to write, record and release an original spoken work/poem every week for 50 weeks.


Mykel embodies the modern day creative.


Fearless in his commitment, joyful in his approach and prolific in his output he is now trailblazing a way to help other struggling creatives untether from limiting beliefs, unlock their creative potential and unleash their unique voice into a world that is desperately trying to hear it.








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