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I help people like you and organisations like yours develop fresh out of the box thinking.

Through keynote presentations, offsite facilitation or individual/group mentoring my clients rediscover their individual creativity, unlock the creative potential of their teams and design cultures that foster collaborative innovation.

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Artisan Thinking : A fresh approach to innovation

The Cultural Architect : The Art and Science of Vibe Design


Live In Action

What's missing in your event


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"Mykel seriously had the room ready to jump out of their chairs and rock! His message of creativity delivered in such a way completely moved those I was seated with. Mission accomplished from a very talented speaker!" 

Jane Anderson - Professional Speaker, Author and Podcaster.


one on one programs

the art of you

The art of you

Unleash your unique expression. Do more of what you love and get more of what you want by being all of who you are. 

project X Factor

Accentuate your edge for greater brand positioning. Amplify your authenticity for more influence, more impact and more income.


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"My health has improved, my relationships have strengthened and I feel like I am once again connected to who I really am. In all honesty, everyone needs Mykel in their lives, it truly has been transformational. The impact he has is further than the individual he works with, it spreads like wildfire and is very, very contagious."

Anna McCracken - NDIS Advisor & Policy Manager at ECIA


If done well, strategic offsites and team immersives offer a tremendous opportunity for deep discovery and accelerated learning. 

I currently run two immersive experiences for companies seeking to unlock the creative potential of their people and design cultures that foster true collaboration & innovation. 

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"After seeing Mykel speak I knew he was the guy to help drive the cultural change I was embarking on with my team. The concepts he’s developed are not only refreshing, they are absolutely the way forward when fostering a workplace culture of innovation, productivity and enjoyment." 

Andrew Wadey -Content & Production Manager at World Vision Australia


music . film . direction  
event design

Sometimes you just need someone with fresh ideas and a wealth of diverse artistic experience to support and guide you through the creation or implementation of a new creative project. 

People hire me to jolt them into new ways of seeing their work and finding more original ways of sharing it.

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