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People hire me to help them rediscover their personal artistry, unlock the full expression of their teams and transform their company's culture to one of creativity, collaboration and community.

Find out how I can help you, your people and your organisation make more art, more impact and more profit. 

Artisan Thinking


Innovation has long been seen as the contemporary answer to modern business challenges. 

In a short space of time Creative Thinking has given way to Design Thinking and companies leading in this space now welcome a disruptive approach at almost every level of their organisation.

But current Innovation as a mindset and a practice will only take you so far.

What is required to maintain relevance, growth, employee satisfaction and profitability in the modern world is to think and work like an Artisan.

To craft elegant solutions that inspire meaning, invite connection and allow for beauty.

Unfortunately most business place and process are currently preventing Artisan Thinking and those who seek to understand and implement an Artistic approach will be at a distinct advantage in tomorrows economic climate. 

Find out how I can help you bring Artisan Thinking to your work, team or organisation through workshops, keynotes or mentoring programs.

Cultural Architecture


We are beginning to see a monumental shift in the way we live and work.

As todays employees now seek meaning over money, autonomy over authority and community alongside collaboration, Workplace Culture has never been so important and yet so misunderstood.

Many companies are now turning to Big Data hoping to solve, predict or avoid contemporary Cultural challenges. But the intricacies of a workplace Culture are not so easily quantifiable.

Cultural Architecture is an emerging and necessary approach that requires skills, attitudes and mindsets previously laughed or locked out of the boardroom. 

By taking a holistic view of the physical, mental and emotional aspects of business Cultural Architects design environments that invite and allow for more connection, collaboration and self expression. 

Find out more about Cultural Architecture and how I can help you build a better workplace environment for your company.

Authentic Charisma


Most of us would love to be more charismatic.

To captivate the attention of others and positively influence those around us would make a remarkable difference to our personal and professional lives.

But most of us believe charisma is only for the lucky few, born with an innate magnetism that cannot be learned or taught. 

What if charisma was less about confidence and more about purpose? Less about charm and more about empathy? And is not something we’re born with but something we can learn, practice and master

Authentic Charisma is the natural expression of your individual essence and I can show you how to unlock, unleash and enjoy the benefits of being fully you.

The things people say...

Mykel is the very definition of a Cultural Architect. His ability to examine, identify and articulate the unseen elements of a modern business environment make him an invaluable asset to any organisation serious about their companies culture.
— Nathan Sampimon - CEO Inspire9, Founder AngelCube
After seeing Mykel speak I knew he was the guy to help drive the cultural change with my team. Mykel’s unique take on what can typically be a fairly dry topic instantly engaged my team, and has since inspired a whole new way of looking at organisational culture. Mykel’s passion for making workplaces much more than just a place you turn up to do a job, challenges creative thinking in aspects that often get forgotten in modern business.
— Andrew Wadey - Conent & Production Manager, World Vision Australia
We asked Mykel to speak at our 2015 National Disaster Resilience Roundtable and were thrilled by his unique and valuable contribution. His innovative approach to building successful cultures and the generosity with which he shared his ideas and experience was a welcome breath of fresh air. His thoughts and experience in the co-working space were of high quality and were very well received by our participants from a range of stakeholders. I can thoroughly recommend Mykel as both a speaker and thought leader and will continue to call on him when we require dynamic, out of the box thinking.
— Joshua Hallwright - National Project Officer, Red Cross Australia
Mykel’s world-first MCing of Melbourne’s 99U Local event was brilliant. He connected with the audience and encapsulated the energy and messages of the speakers, all done with wit and charm. Masterful
— Corrinne Armour - Thought Leader, Speaker, Author, Advisor

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