Too many organisations fail to recognise and  nurture the creative abilities of their employees. 

Too many would be Branson's, Hendrix's and Picasso's fall victim to a life of mediocrity as a direct result of losing touch with their creative genius.

Your creative recovery and the recovery of those around you is the most important thing you can do for  your life, your organisation and your world.  

I work with passionate people who want to reclaim their bliss,  embody their truth and build human centric organisations that make more money, more of a difference and more art.


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We Are The Makers.

For creative cultures to thrive we need a systemic shift in our  perception, application and approach to both creative behaviour and the processes and environments that support it. 

This full day workshop unpacks the myths of creativity, reveals powerful tools used by the worlds best creative minds and  instils participants with practical techniques to transform   your company or team into a dream making machine. 

$6000 AUD (+GST)


Reclaim Your Bliss

Reclaim Your Bliss is a 90 day creative recovery program for perfectionists, procrastinators and creative under-performers.

Suitable for professional and/or aspiring artists, creatives or executives who strive for and/or require the ability to consistently produce innovative, original work.

$3000 AUD (+GST)

Leading With Younity 

The Leaders of tomorrow must examine, embody and express their uniqueness if they are to have any impact within their community or organisation.

Leading With Younity is a 90 day embodied leadership program to reawaken, reconnect and realign you to your unique essence.

Specifically designed for influencers, idealists and introverts  who yearn to live and work with greater impact.  

$3000 AUD (+GST)

Manifesto Madness 

Knowing who you are and what you stand for brings power, possibility and presence to your work and life. 

In this 3 hour immersive we drill down into the very core of you, explore what makes you who you are then redefine you for yourself. 

Perfect for leaders, executives and visionaries. 

$995 AUD (+GST)

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