A Letter To Your Boss From the Future

Dear [insert bosses name],

Thank you.

On behalf of the future you, your leadership team, board members, shareholders, current and future employees, customers, competitors and civil society at large...

Thank you.

Your contribution to our organisation, to our industry, to the lives and families of those working for, with, or against us, is unparalleled. The positive impact you've had on countless individuals and communities is immeasurable.

Your leadership proved to be the definitive factor in our company's success. And the profit we made in a sustainable, ethical, inclusive, innovative and human-centric way became the benchmark for what business can be in the future.

Make no mistake, it was you, [insert bosses name], that did this. 

And all on account of one simple action. One unassuming choice. One key decision you made in late February 2017.

By sending [insert your name] to The Business Romantic Event you set in motion a chain of events that transformed the economic landscape, forever. 

Once [insert your name] returned from The Business Romantic Event, your company's competitive advantage was immediate. Their newly acquired approach to HR, OD, Talent Aquisition, Marketing, Employer Branding and Leadership accelerated your company's growth in unimaginable ways. 

Within a few weeks, [insert your name] shifted multiple contexts within your culture. Contexts that better served the emerging world of work. They moved the conversation from engagement to enchantment, from inclusion to intimacy, from systematic to serendipity. They inspired your tribe to build quadruple bottom lines that allowed for, that encouraged, that demanded, beauty as an ROI. 

[Insert your name]'s ideas, insights & ability to implement never before seen strategies spread like wildfire throughout the organisation. Before June 30th, 2017, you were not only positioned as the market leader in your industry but a shining example of what's possible for all business in the emerging economic climate.

And all of this was made possible by you. By one simple choice you made. One innocent idea you had. To send them to The Business Romantic Event.

I'm writing on behalf of the future. I'm writing to ensure you make this decision again. Because the future of all of those listed above depends on it. But this time, we want to go further. This time, sending [insert your name] is only the beginning. This time, to embed the learning, to accelerate the outcomes, it's time to send a team.

A handpicked supergroup of misfits & mavericks, rebels & renegades, outliers and original thinkers that are already walking your company corridors. You know them, you know there's so much more to them, you know that if you could tap even an inch of their potential you'd be unstoppable.

Find them. Unite them. Then send them along with [insert your name] to The Business Romantic Event.

You'll thank you for it at a later now.

Yours in gratitude,

The Future You

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