A Message To Ticket Holders Of The Business Romantic


Beautiful you.

Courageous, fortuitous, effortless you that has found yourself in possession of a ticket to The Business Romantic Event.

Thank you. We see you. We’re ready for you.

Your ticket guarantees you access to a growing tribe of mavericks & misfits, rebels & renegades, outliers & original thinkers, who are committed to the radical humanisation of the workplace.

Your ticket guarantees you access to deep, emergent & intentional conversations that will soon become foundational for success in the emerging economic climate.

Your ticket guarantees you the opportunity to co-create with a room of conscious, innovative, and influential business leaders looking to build meaningful organisations & create meaningful work.

But with your ticket comes a responsibility, wrapped in an opportunity, baked in an invitation.

Who you are & who you show up as at these events will shape the atmosphere of this experience. Both for you and the others in the room.

There is no right or wrong, no rules or requirements, with how you interact with the space and those within it.

There is simply  an opportunity.

To be aware, to be generous, to be open, to be full of gratitude, to be bold, brave and brilliant, to be unapologetically you, all in service of something greater.

Sure, we’ll be discussing AI, social capital, innovation, culture dynamics, talent acquisition & employer branding, but really we’re just talking about people.

The vast, vibrant and varied spectrum of  the human experience

So keep that in mind as we race toward something different. Something we can choose to make different. Something we can own, embody and implement out there in the market.

This is our chance to dance and the beginning of an underground movement of makers, shakers and risk-takers, committed to making business, a little more beautiful.

*** If you didn't watch the video you would have missed the best bit.***

To help cultivate an atmosphere of gratitude, generosity, and co-creation we're inviting attendees to bring a gift for another attendee. Someone you've never met.

Something you made, or bought, or borrowed. Something meaningful, or playful, or inconsequential. Something beautiful, romantic or enchanting. Something tangible or imaginary or in between.

Something that's come from you.

Remember, this is an invitation, not a request. There is no obligation to bring a gift. No requirement. It is merely an opportunity to lean into romance, step further into self-expression, to consciously and intentionally bring more beauty to the experience.

I dare you.

mykel dixon