Can Business Be Beautiful?

I have a request,

that doubles as an invitation,

and triples as an opportunity.


If you work for an organisation,

or your own hand-made vocation,

but your unique contribution,

exists beyond, 

what’s printed on,

your job description.


If the real value that you bring,

cannot be measured by machines,

if who you are, 

stands firm in contrast,

to the status quo in everything,

Then I have a gift for you.


A way to find more people like you.

A sacred space to dance & swoon,

with conversations that until now,

have been laughed or locked outside, 

the company boardroom. 


We’ve built a temporary home,

for those who seek a way to know,

the best way forward, 

through a time with no clear path.


We’ve gathered visionary folks,

who work to keep the world afloat,

who won’t submit, consent or bow,

to half the stuff that’s happening now,


Who stand up tall and then stare down,

the divisive, transactional,

reductionist, impersonal,

sanitised and clinical 

approach to work

that the rest of us 

have clearly outgrown.


This event is for the people,

who believe business can be beautiful,

who strive for serendipity

design for enterprise artistry,

who encourage those they touch,

to put a little more love,

into the way they make a crust.


Because this,

this is our chance,

to bring a little business romance.


Will you join us?

mykel dixon