How To Save The World

It’s no secret, we’re facing some monumental challenges as a global community. The rising polarity that surrounds our politics, the accelerating divide in wealth equality, the deepening impact of our technological advancement. 

Many of us are asking what can we do as individuals to help shift things in the right direction. How can we contribute to a better conversation, make choices that represent a higher value, act in ways that serve all of humanity.

Well my dear friends, I have the answer. 


Don’t wait for Science to tell you how important Art is (even though it is). Don’t wait for the government to invest more Art (because it won’tunless you’re Canada). Don’t wait until there is no Art left to reminisce about how much you miss it. 

Be an impassioned advocate for the culture of your community. Support those who seek to share their self expression. Act on the impulse that you were born with and I promise you many of the solutions we seek will emerge. 

Making art is not a nice to have, it is not reserved for a chosen few nor something to do on weekends. It is your right and your responsibility. Using your head, hands and heart to shape the world around you in unique, beautiful and thought provoking ways is a gift to us all. 

Immersing yourself within Art’s liquid embrace is as vital to our survival as it is nourishing for our health and happiness. Throughout all of human history it is the cultures that valued Art (and culture) that were most successful. Why? Because life is an evolving work of Art.

Nature represents the purest form of artistic expression. To take the vast complexity of possibility and channel it into simple, beautiful, effective and efficient outcomes…well that’s just magnificent. 

If you want to be an innovator, a disruptor, an original thinker, then look to the Arts. Da Vinci, Bowie, Warhol and Wilde were all rogues and mavericks pushing boundaries and breaking rules.

If you want to develop your empathy, your acceptance and understanding of others, look to the Arts. Empathy is the cost of entry when writing music, literature, theatre or prose. 

If you want to restore a sense of community, bring greater intimacy and connection, then look to the Arts. Our ancestors used the power of story to embed an awareness of our interdependence for thousands of years. Through story we find meaning, we experience our lineage, we embody our legacy.

Stop fucking around with Facebook. Book a babysitter, find a band and go shake your booty.

Stop listening to the TV. Join the library, borrow the classics and learn from the best we’ve ever had.

Stop supporting corporations that don’t care. Save the money you were going to spend on mascara and throw a few bucks to the busker.

Be a champion for the Arts. Be a champion for your self expression. Be a champion for a world that values the unique contribution we were all born to make. 

Then buy yourself a canvas, call up all your courage and paint your infinite essence because you can, because you should and honestly, because it feels so good. 

mykel dixon