Is Your Company Ready For This Conversation

There's a conversation we need to have.

As individuals and companies,

as leaders, entrepreneurs and communities.


It's messy, uncomfortable and ambiguous.

It's delicate, disorientating and dangerous.


It asks us to park our position,

jettison our judgement,

and just be with what's there.

be with what's missing,

be with each other.


This kind of conversation changes people.

It changes companies and communities,

heals wounds & opens possibilities.


This kind of conversation can only be had

in ways that evoke this kind of conversation.


For this kind of conversation to take place

the atmosphere around it is just as important 

as the content within it.


The people listening are just as important 

as the people speaking.


All pretence must perish

in service of the space.

All intent must be to serve

what is waiting

and wanting to emerge.


For this kind of conversation to take place

we must feel safe enough to be stretched,

familiar enough to go far-fetched,

comfortable enough that we welcome confrontation,

with opens arms and ears

to find out where the truth is.


Cause we all should want the truth.

No matter how ugly.


Most companies think they're ready

for this kind of conversation.

They speak as though they want 

this kind of conversation.

They declare that this kind of conversation

will be the panacea to get them

precisely where they want and need to go.


But this kind of conversation cannot be controlled.

Cannot be used, exploited, manipulated or cajoled.

This kind of conversation exists beyond strategic timelines,

and the only way to have it is to find a group of people who demand it.


People who are willing to give into it,

To trust, to love, to honour it.





People, like you.


This event, this conversation, this economy, this situation,

cannot be shifted, cannot be changed, cannot be transformed

without you.


And you know this.

And you know that I know this.

So now is the time for you to choose.


Will you help us

have the conversation

that could save us.