Just Do 5omething

I am no stranger to the creative process.

I've spent my entire life seeking and surrendering to it. I believe it holds an unparalleled power to heal, to elevate, to inspire and transform.

When you give yourself over to make something, the process will make something out of you. 

In 2014 I wrote a song a week for 50 weeks.
In 2015 I'm writing a poem a week for 50 weeks. 
Today I'm starting to write a book that I will finish in 50 days. 1000 words everyday for 50 days. And all of it done by rising at 5am every morning. Ouch.

I'm calling it #5omething

It's a celebration of and an invitation to the wonderful world of creativity, commitment and conviction.

If you want to join me, pick something you love to do, something that brings you closer to your creative self and do it every day for 50 days. 

Take a photo, post it on Instagram with the hashtag #5omething and we'll voyage through uncharted water together.

It's not important what you make, all that matters is that you...

Just . Do . #5omething

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