This Is Your Time (And How To Blow It)

This is your time. 

Never before have things been so perfect for your potential. 
Never before have you had the infinite at your fingertips with just a few clicks.
Never before have you had access to a global collective intelligence that updates itself in real time seeking to serve your insatiable drive for aliveness.

Right here and now you have, 
The tools, the techniques and the teachers
To dream, design and deploy every
Intricate intent of your imagination. 

You can do anything

They’re doing it. 
And so is that guy. 
And that mummy blogger just got a book deal. 
And the young dude that used to work with your cousin...
yeah, he just made it big with his start up. 

Everyone is doing everything all at once. 
What are you waiting for?
This is your time!!!


No pressure. 

This might be your time,
It might be mine, 
But I’ll tell you the best way to blow it.

Get caught up in all that stuff and forget to rock out for a few hours.

Yep it’s true. 
There’s a whole lot of opportunity out there.
There are people winning, succeeding, achieving. 
There are people living the dream baby! 
Everything is possible…

Just don’t forget to rock out for a few hours.


I’ve seen a lot of people sacrifice the simple stuff, 
Get carried away on the complex stuff,
Forget that all they really wanted
Was just to find a way to rock out for a few more hours.

So before you set off on your next great adventure,
To triumph in the world in ways that tickle your wildest wonder,
Between the product launches, beyond the list you'll build with this,

Lay on the floor
Put on an album you adore
Listen to every note, to every beat, to every line
Listen from start to finish without ever opening up your eyes
And breathe
Let it all soak in.

Your welcome.

This is your time. 

Don't forget to enjoy it.

mykel dixon