Why Do We Need proof

We all need proof. 

Before we work with someone, or attend an event
Before we click on a link, or consume some content.

We read the reviews, we ask around
We do our due diligence to determine
If this right here is worthy
 Of our time
Of our attention
Of our hard earned cash.

There’s nothing outrageously wrong with that
Our time is precious, our lives are important
Our choice of who, to give ourselves to
Shapes the essence of our experience. 

But as the earth is to sky, there is shadow and light
And by holding on so tight to our pretty little lives
We might be giving away more than we realise. 

Let’s say it worked. 
That I believed in what I bought before I bought it
My work is done
Now it’s up to them
To the event, to the content
To the device I paid a hefty little price for. 

Or let’s say I’m still not sold. 
But alas I have been told
I must attend this team event
There is no way to circumvent
So with arms crossed and furrowed brow
I wait impatiently to be wowed
And again, my work is done
It’s up to them.

Either way, I am a passenger. 
Waiting to be driven. 
Waiting to be taught, to be told and to be led. 

Either way, I play no role
Take no responsibility
 For contributing to that which seeks to serve
The softer side of me. 

My expectation of the world
To save me, to entertain me
To fix, shift and change me
Is stopping it from ever happening to me. 

I might’ve bought a ticket
Paid for seats up front or even
Gone as far as finding something that is guaranteed to work. 


But then I wait.





To be taught, to be told, to be led. 


















It’s not working. 








It’s their fault. 


And I’ll tell everyone how terrible they are.


















Maybe proof has less to do
With them and more to do with you

Sure we all want to get value
Get the most out of our buck
Know that they, the ones that sold me
Really do give two f@#ks
But truthfully
You can find a Phd in anything
If you’re willing.

You can learn before, beyond and between
What you paid for.
You can turn a waste of time
Into the moment that defines
Your future life.


That’s how powerful you are.


If you are willing…

Shift your body side to side of what you’re facing
Move from waiting, to participating
Be a consumer and a contribution
And you’ll amplify and own your own evolution.

From there
The whole wide world becomes every possible solution
And then some.

I love listening to great songwriters
Speaking lightly of their lyrics
Never giving up the meaning
That they found embedded in them

See they’re wise enough
And selfless enough
To leave the meaning
Up to us

Inviting our own heart and mind
To feel, to seek, to connect and find
The authentic subjective significance
Of our own embodied experience

Then the song becomes ours
The meaning we make becomes ours
The action we take becomes ours
We get to own ourselves again

Let us not wait
To be taught, to be told, to be led
Let us learn out loud together
Side by side with every teacher
Build on all that we are given
All we pay for and we sit in
Go beyond the proof
And turn each moment into moments we will remember.

mykel dixon