Your Imperfection Is Your Advantage

As our lives become more digital, more sanitised and more impersonal, a new opportunity emerges. 

While the rest of the world seeks robots, programmes and automation, remaining human will be both our defining characteristic and our most valuable asset. 

At first I loved the online check in. The unstaffed bag drop was bliss. 

No queues, no missing tickets, no…human interaction. 

But now this computerised convenience is compounding.

We email more than we speak. We share more with our apps than we do with each other. Our social feeds have become our social lives.

And it’s not enough. 

As hard as we try to systemise our souls we will forever seek the untamed beauty of imperfection.

We are eternally drawn to the sweaty hot mess that is our humanity.

And those who are brave enough to own their dusty edges and share their unfinished selves will stand out like neon stars on a jet black sky.

In the future, your imperfection will be your advantage.