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Myke has an amazing ability to engage and inspire an audience to the point where they fully immerse themselves in the experience. He created a space that allowed for vulnerability, authenticity and openness to naturally occur. I cannot recommend Myke enough and can’t wait to work together again!
— People and Culture manager, shinewing Australia
Mykel was so much more than our MC/facilitator. He helped shaped our two-day leader’s conference into a memorable and engaging experience. He took our theme of connectedness and brought it to life with flair, creativity and fun.

Mykel and his band helped create something special, I have no doubt our people will remember that event for a long time. I would absolutely recommend Mykel for your next event, he truly is something special. I can’t wait to work with Mykel and the band in the future.
— Kate Meares - Event Specialist, IAG
It’s been my great pleasure to work with the genius, authenticity and great humour of Mykel Dixon. Mykel does surprise; exuding all the uber-cool street cred you’d expect in a muso but don’t let that serene nonchalance fool you-Mykel is a closeted perfectionist who gives his all to ensure he nails the brief and delivers the goods!

I can confidently say after the many hundreds of speakers I have managed in my years as a conference producer that Mykel is a solid golden egg who informs, entertains and inspires audiences.

To boot he is just a delight to work with both on and offsite but particularly fun to have onsite who can lighten the spirits of sleep deprived event staff lurking in the shadows!!
— Melinda Everett - Event Executive, CPA Australia
I had the pleasure of working with Mykel to create a multi-day offsite for our Group General Counsel team. Myke was incredibly generous in sharing his thoughts, expertise and creativity and listening carefully to, and incorporating our requirements.

The result was an incredibly impactful few days. Mykel’s facilitation and relentlessness in encouraging each of us safely out of our comfort zone really contributed to a powerful few days.

Thank you Myke for your courage, creativity and authenticity - it was a real pleasure to work with you and your team.
— Jane Taylor - Org Design Specialist, Tabcorp
Mykel Dixon is the 2018 Breakthrough Speaker of the Year for a very good reason: he is absolutely brilliant! We were looking for a speaker that was knowledgeable, entertaining and inspirational, to close our conference on a high. Mykel was highly recommended by Dr Jason Fox, who presented at the same conference the year before. We were extremely happy with his recommendation. Mykel ticked all the boxes and more.

His presentation was fantastic! A first-class act. Our attendees rated his session 5 out of 5.
I cannot speak more highly of him. If you are looking for a speaker who will leave your audience with a ‘wow’ face, that’s Mykel.

Thank you Mykel for helping make our tourism forum the best one to date.
— Michelle Dall'Ava - Event Specialist, Destination Melbourne
In the last 10 years, I’ve seen my fair share of keynote speakers and workshop facilitators. So it’s important to understand that for me Mykel Dixon is in one word - Brillant!

Able to take a conventional business setting to another level - creative, engaging, bring it alive. A consummate professional - Respectful, mindful and generous with my AV team, both prior and post-event, new what was required and made it easy (and trust me that never happens).

As for the impact of his session on the client, they were jumping off the walls. Even my own staff were trying to sneak in the back of the room as to see what all the fuss was about. I can’t recommend him highly enough to anyone needing a keynote speaker or facilitated business session that blows people away - after all, different is good... but Mykel Dixon is the best!
— Mark Gurd - Partner, AVPartners
It was an enormous pleasure working with Mykel on the Business Romantic Oz Tour 2017.

He organized marquee events in Sydney and Melbourne, as well as several workshops and dinners, and he also orchestrated and ran the entire marketing campaign for the tour. His passion, perseverance, and marketing smarts were instrumental in making the tour a huge success.

Aside from him being a commensurate professional, Mykel is a true business visionary. He not only thought and wrote about artisan thinking long before business mainstream took notice, but he also embodies it with great passion and rigor.

I have never met someone who can so easily switch between artistic vision and practical value, strategic foresight and hands-on delivery, boardroom and rock’n roll. He can turn your spreadsheet into music, and vice versa. He is an exceptional, witty, and entertaining host, moderator, experience designer, and performer while also being a highly collaborative and empathetic team player.

Mykel is the real deal. If you want your business or leadership to be “radically human,” not hiring him would be a radical mistake.
— Tim Leberect – International Best-Selling Author, CEO Business Romantic Society
Mykel is a true force of nature- a really inspiring speaker who just creates this great vibe in every room he walks into. Always full of really useful insights and a great mentor and role model to many.

No wonder his bespoke, curated events are so well-received- the thought and care he puts into each experience means that he always leaves his audience with something to ponder and remember.

Lucky to know how him, cant wait to collaborate with him in the future again!
— Garry Williams - Creative partnerships Specialist
When thinking about Mykel and his talents I reflect upon his ability to perform and deliver with such astonishing clarity of purpose, a deep sense of connection and conviction and a freshness that creates a need for further enquiry both individually and collectively.

Mykel’s ability to collaborate and create a space for curiosity, adventure and experimentation is something I witnessed firsthand at the Business Romantics of 2017. Easily the best day I’ve ever experienced and for so many reasons.

I’m excited and inspired to have the opportunity to learn from this extraordinary artist, author and thinking performer.
— Leisa Hart - Transformation Lead, Unisuper
Poetic cultural truths that light up a room. Words collide with art and the result is something special.

This man doesn’t speak at you, he takes you on a journey of passionate expression that inspires you, challenges you and elevates your soul.

Creative genius, master of engagement and the real deal. What really stands out for me though is this mans passion to see others be great and do great things.

I always look forward to a conference with him in it. Audiences around the world (and me) love him and I know you will too. Dare to be different and prepare to be amazed.

Ladies & gentlemen, Mr Mykel Dixon.
— Ben Nicholson - People and Culture lead, Suncorp
It’s a truly beautiful thing to come across someone like Mykel. Someone who is unreservedly aware of exactly what it is they have to offer the world, and communicates and shares that with infectious enthusiasm.

Mykel is not only a one-of-a kind presenter (the furthest possible thing from a powerpoint deck and “3 key points” you could imagine) but he is a true thought provoker and it’s people like him that are keeping our world alive with zest and creativity.

Book him to speak, buy his book for your teams, follow his social channels - you will regret nothing.
— Rhiannon Tuntevski - Partnerships Manager - University of Technology Sydney