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Wabi Wabi - Melbourne Chamber of Beautiful Business

Mykel Dixon Wabi Sabi

Business is obsessed with perfection.

Our addiction to symmetry and efficiency can be seen in our minute by minute conference agendas, the straight-line designs of our white-walled boardrooms, and the elaborate job titles & jargon we use to make ourselves appear as though we know what we’re doing.

This fixation on flawlessness drives our behaviour in ways we don’t like to admit. Fudging numbers & photoshopping flaws, embellishing CVs and breaking laws. From FOMO to machismo to infinite growth. It’s exhausting, ineffective, inhumane.

And the distance between the highlight reel we see online and the reality of our working lives is destroying our experience of work, of life, and of ourselves.

We look forward for answers when perhaps we should look back for better questions. One place might be the Japanese philosophy – Wabi Sabi.

In Wabi Sabi, everything is made more beautiful by baring the marks and scars of age and individuality. Repairs and reconstructions are to be appreciated rather than made invisible. Peace can be found by embracing the transitory, incomplete and impermanent nature of existence. Perhaps if we embraced a little Wabi Sabi in our work, we might find greater satisfaction in simple moments. More enjoyment in everyday interactions. More reverence for the often unheroic essence of our professional lives.

Join a thoughtful cast of executives, entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, artists and philosophers as we seek to find, embrace & celebrate the Wabi Sabi of our work.

Together we’ll turn the mundane into the mysterious, find fortune in fleeting experience, and savour the inevitable mess of making beautiful business.

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The conference and event space has become dangerously safe. A predictable pantomime of stale, tepid narratives, perpetuated by self-interested thought leaders and consultants. 

And yet... amidst the warm platitudinous mediocrity, there are glimmers of sheer brilliance. Events that fly beneath the radar, where ideas and conventions are challenged—ruthlessly, with empathy and care—so that something more useful, more beautiful might emerge. These are the events that change lives.

In their work around the world, Dr Jason Fox & Mykel Dixon have both been fortunate enough to witness and contribute to such experiences. Gatherings that deserve to be examined, celebrated and shared so that those in the game can evolve with it. 

For one night only, Jase (Australia’s Keynote Speaker of The Year 2016) and Myke (Australia’s breakthrough Speaker of The Year 2018) will share what they’re seeing and sensing in the leadership and events space. So that you might bring more depth, creativity and beauty to the way you move your audience.

This evening event is for anyone who leads and convenes people in their work. From conference & event organisers to L & OD professionals to HR & People Management. You’ll hear two of Australia’s most progressive and in-demand speakers share their hard-won secrets to engage, unpack the trends they’re ignoring and spotlight the undercurrents they feel are worth paying attention to.

Tickets are $150 pp and include a fancy dinner & drinks all night.
Tickets are strictly limited to ensure intimacy and impact.
This event is designed to be savoured and for you to settle in. 



The last time Jason & I held a public event it sold out in 24 hours – if this is for you, don’t delay!

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Personality & Prominence


Join Dr Jason Fox & Mykel Dixon for a live uncut conversation about character

In a maturing social media landscape, where ‘likes’ have come to define our lives, can our personality lead us to prominence? In a post-truth world, where merely attention equates to influence, can our values determine our value? 

In a fragile economic ecosystem, where job security grows more elusive by the hour, can we ensure our relevance by being…ourselves? And if so, how do we harvest, leverage & exploit who we are and hope to be, without losing face, losing clients or losing our authenticity. 

Join Dr Jason Fox (keynote speaker of the year 2016) & Mykel Dixon (breakthrough speaker of the year 2018) for an intimate, emergent & uncut conversation into the nature of character. And how we might infuse it throughout our on & offline lives for more influence & impact.

Set within the lush, private surrounds of The Elk Room, in Melbourne’s premier cocktail establishment – The Everleigh, complete with live music and dangerous drinks, this is an evening not to be missed. 

A chance to connect and converse with a like-minded tribe, who are seeking new ways
to hold, articulate & share themselves with the world.

And a rare opportunity to hear from two of Australia’s most in-demand speakers with no pretence, nor a pre-planned performance. Just a raw, revealing voyage into how they plan to navigate the emerging meta-modern climate. 

Tickets are strictly limited to 40 people to ensure intimacy and elbow room.
And only 2 tickets per person to ensure diversity of wisdom and experience.

**Ticket includes 1 x fancy cocktail on arrival, plenty of fancy food, and a selfie using Jason’s beard as your hair.**



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The Business Romantic

mykel dixon business romantic flyer

A unique one day conference exploring the radical humanisation of the workplace. 

The Business Romantic Tour 2017

March 27th 2017, Sydney
March 31st 2017, Melbourne

Featuring Tim Leberecht, the international best-selling author of The Business Romantic, 3 x time TED speaker & strategic advisor to the world's biggest brands. 

Designed for conscious, influential and innovative business leaders looking to build beautiful organisations and design meaningful work. 

Click on the link, read it twice, get your early bird tickets & get excited!



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Artisan Thinking III - Charisma, Charm & Cool

Every found yourself wishing you were just a little more charismatic?

Captivating the attention of others and positively influencing those around us would surely make a remarkable difference to our personal and professional lives.

Like it or loathe it, in the attention economy, swagger seems to matter.

But most of us believe charisma is only for the lucky few, born with an innate magnetism that cannot be learned or taught.

What if charisma was less about confidence and more about purpose? What if charm was less about an edge and all about empathy? And what if cool had less to do with perception and more to do with intention?

On Wednesday 24th Aug at Yah Yahs (99 Smith St, Collingwood) we'll be exploring all these themes and more.

And we'll even have a bonafide ROCKSTAR helping out. Phil Ceberano is bringing hisgeetar, his band and all his rock n roll swagger to help dissect, unpack and redefine what it means to have Charisma in the modern age.

Truly this will be an epic night. Such a juicy topic that no-one really wants to tackle for fear of losing their Charisma,Charm and Cool. But, that's what we as creative mavericks do!

Get to the heart of the good stuff.

Read more about the event and get your tickets here ASAP

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to Jul 21

Artisan Thinking - Perception, Aperture & Intimacy


For Melbourne folks, it's time for the second installment of our monthly event series, Artisan Thinking. A colourful, creative space that we explore the intersection of Business and Art.

This month sees us tackle the esoteric realms of Perception, Aperture & Intimacy. To thrive in such a complex and ambiguous environment, learning to see the unseen, build intimacy with velocity and be poised for what my buddy Zoe Routh would say, the moments that matter is vital to guarantee our value as employers, employees or entrepreneurs.

To guide us in mastering the moment we'll hear from two of Australia's leading photographers, Oli Sansom & Michelle Grace-Hunder. I cannot stress how talented these two vagabonds are. Their award-winning work is internationally recognised, their methods wildly unique, their intent is to serve our continuing success. 

Please check out the event page, enjoy their work and get your ticket ASAP!!! Tickets are FREE but limited!!!

Wednesday, July 20th,
6pm - 9pm at Loop Bar, Melb CBD

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More Than A Book Launch - Just do 5omething
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More Than A Book Launch - Just do 5omething

Mykel Dixon Book Launch

It has been thrilling to see so many of you buy, read and share my latest book, ‘Just do 5omething’. To hear of how it has been impacting you and the creative projects you’re firing up, warms my little heart. Thank you all so much for being so fabulous. 

To thank you it’s only fair I throw a celebration back at cha. 

On Tuesday June 7th, from 6:30pm, we’re taking over Shebeen(Melbourne’s funkiest and most socially conscious venue) to officially launch the book and unite in our collective self-expression. 

But it's so much more than a book launch. I'll be saying a few words, we'll have some live tunes, a couple of my DJ buddies spinning beats, a few immersive games and a spotlight for those willing to step into it. 

The event is FREE but tickets are limited so get yours now! 

And have a think about someone in your life who is seeking a creative breakthrough. They're right on the verge of something spectacular but need a little nudge. Gift them this event. I promise you it'll push them over the edge in all the right ways. 

A stolen moment

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