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Artisan Thinking - Perception, Aperture & Intimacy


For Melbourne folks, it's time for the second installment of our monthly event series, Artisan Thinking. A colourful, creative space that we explore the intersection of Business and Art.

This month sees us tackle the esoteric realms of Perception, Aperture & Intimacy. To thrive in such a complex and ambiguous environment, learning to see the unseen, build intimacy with velocity and be poised for what my buddy Zoe Routh would say, the moments that matter is vital to guarantee our value as employers, employees or entrepreneurs.

To guide us in mastering the moment we'll hear from two of Australia's leading photographers, Oli Sansom & Michelle Grace-Hunder. I cannot stress how talented these two vagabonds are. Their award-winning work is internationally recognised, their methods wildly unique, their intent is to serve our continuing success. 

Please check out the event page, enjoy their work and get your ticket ASAP!!! Tickets are FREE but limited!!!

Wednesday, July 20th,
6pm - 9pm at Loop Bar, Melb CBD