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Artisan Thinking III - Charisma, Charm & Cool

Every found yourself wishing you were just a little more charismatic?

Captivating the attention of others and positively influencing those around us would surely make a remarkable difference to our personal and professional lives.

Like it or loathe it, in the attention economy, swagger seems to matter.

But most of us believe charisma is only for the lucky few, born with an innate magnetism that cannot be learned or taught.

What if charisma was less about confidence and more about purpose? What if charm was less about an edge and all about empathy? And what if cool had less to do with perception and more to do with intention?

On Wednesday 24th Aug at Yah Yahs (99 Smith St, Collingwood) we'll be exploring all these themes and more.

And we'll even have a bonafide ROCKSTAR helping out. Phil Ceberano is bringing hisgeetar, his band and all his rock n roll swagger to help dissect, unpack and redefine what it means to have Charisma in the modern age.

Truly this will be an epic night. Such a juicy topic that no-one really wants to tackle for fear of losing their Charisma,Charm and Cool. But, that's what we as creative mavericks do!

Get to the heart of the good stuff.

Read more about the event and get your tickets here ASAP

Later Event: March 31
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