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More Than A Book Launch - Just do 5omething

Mykel Dixon Book Launch

It has been thrilling to see so many of you buy, read and share my latest book, ‘Just do 5omething’. To hear of how it has been impacting you and the creative projects you’re firing up, warms my little heart. Thank you all so much for being so fabulous. 

To thank you it’s only fair I throw a celebration back at cha. 

On Tuesday June 7th, from 6:30pm, we’re taking over Shebeen(Melbourne’s funkiest and most socially conscious venue) to officially launch the book and unite in our collective self-expression. 

But it's so much more than a book launch. I'll be saying a few words, we'll have some live tunes, a couple of my DJ buddies spinning beats, a few immersive games and a spotlight for those willing to step into it. 

The event is FREE but tickets are limited so get yours now! 

And have a think about someone in your life who is seeking a creative breakthrough. They're right on the verge of something spectacular but need a little nudge. Gift them this event. I promise you it'll push them over the edge in all the right ways. 

A stolen moment