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Wabi Wabi - Melbourne Chamber of Beautiful Business

Mykel Dixon Wabi Sabi

Business is obsessed with perfection.

Our addiction to symmetry and efficiency can be seen in our minute by minute conference agendas, the straight-line designs of our white-walled boardrooms, and the elaborate job titles & jargon we use to make ourselves appear as though we know what we’re doing.

This fixation on flawlessness drives our behaviour in ways we don’t like to admit. Fudging numbers & photoshopping flaws, embellishing CVs and breaking laws. From FOMO to machismo to infinite growth. It’s exhausting, ineffective, inhumane.

And the distance between the highlight reel we see online and the reality of our working lives is destroying our experience of work, of life, and of ourselves.

We look forward for answers when perhaps we should look back for better questions. One place might be the Japanese philosophy – Wabi Sabi.

In Wabi Sabi, everything is made more beautiful by baring the marks and scars of age and individuality. Repairs and reconstructions are to be appreciated rather than made invisible. Peace can be found by embracing the transitory, incomplete and impermanent nature of existence. Perhaps if we embraced a little Wabi Sabi in our work, we might find greater satisfaction in simple moments. More enjoyment in everyday interactions. More reverence for the often unheroic essence of our professional lives.

Join a thoughtful cast of executives, entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, artists and philosophers as we seek to find, embrace & celebrate the Wabi Sabi of our work.

Together we’ll turn the mundane into the mysterious, find fortune in fleeting experience, and savour the inevitable mess of making beautiful business.

Earlier Event: March 7