A manifesto for mavericks


We are living in a 21st Century Renaissance. A time in which Creativity is the strongest economic currency, Experience is the new cost of entry & Human is the only meaningful strategy. 

As individuals, teams & brands we are all be asked to redefine our relevance. But ensuring a consistent, sustainable & differentiated advantage now requires a new approach.

While the many seek certainty, speed and scale, the courageous few are finding fortune on the fringes. Small teams of visionary leaders who recognise that nowadays, money follows meaning, good thinking needs deep feeling and the maker matters just as much as what is being made.

I help them.

The mavericks & misfits, rebels & renegades, outsiders & originals who believe in business as unusual, design their business for renewal, and demonstrate that business can and should be beautiful.

My work lives at the intersection of Creativity, Consciousness and Commerce. It is fuel for those who are committed to evolving business from transactional to transcendent, from self-serving to self-actualising, from competition to co-creation and beyond.

If you’re reading this…that means you.