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Bespoke talent development programs fit for the emerging world of work.

Say goodbye to boardrooms, fluorescent lights & tasteless mints. Say hello to rooftop gardens, recording studios & late-night Teppanyaki. Experience the impact of a well-designed, well-delivered and well-supported program.

I’ve been with Schneider Electric for 11 years and I haven’t seen anything quite like it. The vibe and energy that we saw come out of the team was electric. You should be extremely proud of what you do and the impact you are having on the teams you work with.
— Global Product Manager - Schneider Electric

Transformational learning

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creative Leadership Mastery™


Creative Leadership Mastery™ is a 6-month, fully-immersive learning program for building the next generation of creative & cultural leaders in your company.

Working closely with you to define your most pressing business challenges, we’ll co-design a customised sequence of learning experiences to amplify your key messages, deliver practical, profitable outcomes and ensure a consistent & compounding ROI.

  • Activate & apply innovative thinking across all roles & responsibilities.

  • Build 21st Century Creative Leaders who can nurture the creative growth in others.

  • Develop principles & practices that encourage & sustain a culture of learning.

  • Foster a living network of interdependent teams across your entire company.

Mykel has a unique ability to deliver with such astonishing clarity of purpose, a deep sense of connection and a freshness that creates a need for further enquiry both individually and collectively. Easily the best day I’ve ever experienced and for so many reasons.
— Leisa Hart - Transformation Lead, Unisuper

Executive retreats

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only For the brave


Sometimes a team needs something that little bit extra. A full-blown embodied experience that pushes them beyond their comfort zone, challenges them to rethink their limits and connects them for life.

If you’re looking for something truly remarkable, let’s talk.

This has been one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. It’s been a journey and makes we want to get out there and change the world in a lot of ways.
— Liliana Kellett, Senior Sales Executive, Culture Amp