just do 5omething

A guidebook for turning dreamers into makers.


Creative work can be a dangerous place. Fraught with fear and self-sabotage. To make art means to not only touch but to reveal the most vulnerable parts of ourselves to an often cold and indifferent world. 

Too many would be business artisans, makers and innovators fall victim to the blasphemy of self doubt that surround their self expression. Every time a vision goes unfinished the creator, the company and the cause are robbed of beauty, possibility and profit. 

Your creative recovery if the single most important thing you can do for yourself, your colleagues & your organisation.

Purchase your copy of Just do 5omething and unlock the creative maverick in you.



praise for just do 5omething

“This dangerous and heretical book is an affront to the banal predictability of convention. It’ll have you make something that is utterly original, beautiful, and true to you. This could be one of the most important books you’ll ever read.”

— Dr Jason Fox, bestselling author of The Game Changer and How to Lead a Quest.

“The world is asking us to challenge the norm, to question the default thinking, to be curious about the standard of behaviour we accept. The world is asking us to embrace our individuality and uniqueness and to bring authenticity and transparency to all we do. The world is challenging us to be creative in our ideation, to find new solutions to existing problems. The question many are asking is how to find that creativity? In this book, Mykel shows us the way of the artisan thinker and how to embrace the creative that does in fact exist in all of us. A fabulous read for all of us.”

— Janine Garner, Founder and CEO of LBD group

This intriguing manifesto of the artisan life is multi-layered. What presents as a healthy love affair with the occasional daring tryst, Dixon turns the tables at the mid-point inviting the reader into a full-blown adulterous exploration of your inner creativity. Be fairly warned though; the call to action of 50 days of creative expression might take everything you have known to be safe, comfortable and secure and tip it on it’s head. In the author’s own words, this book is the catalyst for your creative recovery. A timely recovery too; from the bland, banal and beige that creeps into our lives. Powerful stuff.”

— Darren Hill, Executive Director at Pragmatic Thinking

“Mykel Dixon lives at the intersection between the creative and commercial worlds where innovation is born and our best work is developed. In Just do 5omething he reveals why the creative discipline is the 21st Century’s killer app.”

— Dan Gregory, CEO, The Impossible Institute