When was the last time you were truly creative? 

I don't mean choosing Helvetica over New Times Roman. I mean trusting your imagination, playing with your process and taking ideas beyond outcomes into art?

For many of the executives I work with it's been years. The demands of modern work appear too great. Creativity is compressed into nothing more than an afterthought.

An yet the most valuable and under-utilised resource we have is our creativity


The ability to dream, design and deliver innovative solutions to complex problems remains the defining factor between success and failure in modern work and in life.

And as the world moves further into uncertainty the need for creative thinkers is amplified. 

Are you one of them?


I help successful organisations, teams and individuals transform their relationship
to creativity, culture and leadership. 

My clients learn how to activate their imagination, articulate their purpose and amplify
the infinite power of their creativity. 




artisan thinking

A renaissance approach to Innovation.
To survive our complex and ambiguous economic climate, we need to return our approach to one that transcends current innovation mindsets. We need to think, design and build like an Artisan.


Studio Cultures

 Designing atmospheres for Creativity.
Workplace Culture has never been so important and yet so misunderstood. To sculpt Atmospheric Landscapes that activate and amplify the potential of our people is only the beginning. 



Art Of You

Design a life and career that Inspires.
Unlock and unleash your personal Artistry. Learn how to live on purpose, find fun where there is none and leverage your unique experience for more impact,  influence and inspiration in work and life. 

Some of my clients


Some of the things they say

After seeing Mykel speak I knew he was the guy to help drive the cultural change with my team. Mykel’s unique take on what can typically be a fairly dry topic instantly engaged my team, and has since inspired a whole new way of looking at organisational culture. Mykel’s passion for making workplaces much more than just a place you turn up to do a job, challenges creative thinking in aspects that often get forgotten in modern business.
— Andrew Wadey - Conent & Production Manager, World Vision Australia
My health has improved, my relationships have strengthened and I feel like I am once again connected to who I really am.
In all honesty, everyone needs Mykel in their lives, it truly has been transformational. The impact he has goes further than the individual he works with, it spreads like wildfire and is very, very contagious.
— Anna McCracken, NDIS Advisor and Policy Manager, ECIA
Mykel’s world-first MCing of Melbourne’s 99U Local event was brilliant. He connected with the audience and encapsulated the energy and messages of the speakers, all done with wit and charm. Masterful.
— Corrinne Armour - Thought Leader, Speaker, Author, Advisor
Mykel upholds a rare congruence. He is what he speaks and embodies is the very definition of a Cultural Architect. His ability to read the unseen elements of a modern business environment make him an invaluable asset to any organisation serious about their companies culture. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him and cannot recommend him highly enough.
— Nathan Sampimon - CEO Inspire9, Founder AngelCube
We asked Mykel to speak at our 2015 National Disaster Resilience Roundtable and were thrilled by his unique and valuable contribution. His innovative approach to building successful cultures and the generosity with which he shared his ideas and experience was a welcome breath of fresh air. His thoughts and experience in the co-working space were of high quality and were very well received by our participants from a range of stakeholders. I can thoroughly recommend Mykel as both a speaker and thought leader and will continue to call on him when we require dynamic, out of the box thinking.
— Joshua Hallwright - National Project Officer, Red Cross Australia
I have worked with Mykel on various projects at both Inspire9 and Peer Academy and it has always been a pleasure to engage him in creative projects - particularly projects with a chance for him to shine on the stage! He speaks with authenticity, humour and wit and he has a natural gift for engaging an audience. I would recommend him highly for creative facilitation and leadership in group environments.
— Kirsteen Phelan, Founder & CEO Trecose

Are you committed to making a difference?

Are you willing to go beyond the expected in search of the extraordinary? Are you ready to lead by unleashing the Artisan in you?

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