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Mykel is a true business visionary. The real deal. If you want your business or leadership to be “radically human,” not hiring him would be a radical mistake.
— Tim Leberecht, International Best-Selling Author, 3 x TED Speaker


Keynote Speaking & Vibe Design for Conferences & Events.

Poetic truths that light up a room. Words collide with art, music blends with message. This man doesn’t speak at you, he invites you on a journey of passionate self expression that inspires you, challenges you and elevates your soul.
— Ben Nicholson, Head of People & Culture, Suncorp Group


Bespoke Learning Development Programs for Leadership Teams.

We could not have created such a memorable experience without him. Thank you Mykel!
— sam yorke, Senior Executive, Google Australia


Exclusive Mentoring Programs for Experts & Entrepreneurs.

Thanks to Mykel’s mentoring, we created something more bold, daring and uniquely differentiated than I ever could have made myself.
— Dr Jason Fox, best selling author & 2016 keynote speaker of the year


Expressions . Reflections . Impressions . Intentions.

Easily the best day I’ve ever experienced and for so many reasons. I’m excited and inspired to have the opportunity to learn from this extraordinary artist, author and thinking performer.
— Leisa Hart, Head of Org Change, Unisuper


Boutique experiences for lovers, dreamers & believers

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Few that I have seen could pull off what Mykel achieves. A real difference to what’s out there and why we keep inviting him to be a part of what we are doing.
— Peter Baines, Founder and Board Director, Hands Across The Water


 Just do 5omething : A guidebook for turning dreamers into makers

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This book is the catalyst for your creative recovery. Powerful stuff
— Darren Hill, Executive Director Pragmatic Thinking



The company we keep.

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