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Mykel Dixon is an award winning speaker, author, musician and recognised authority of Creativity, Culture and the Human Future of Work. He helps leaders and teams rediscover their natural appetite and aptitude for Creativity with extraordinary success.

Through the design and delivery of explosive keynote presentations, immersive team-building activities and transformative talent development programs, Mykel leads a new-wave of entrepreneurial savants showing forward thinking companies how to reinvent for relevance in a 21st-Century Renaissance.


Who I help

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Conference organisers & event specialists who have a genuine desire to give their audience something fresh.

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Leaders & managers who seek more meaningful ways to connect, develop & inspire their teams.

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Conscious, progressive organisations who are committed to unleashing the full human potential of their people.

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Passionate professionals who have lost touch with their creative spark & are committed to getting it back.

Mykel is a rare talent. He brought all of our barriers down, allowed us to be creative and allowed us to be ourselves. We’re never going to forget that.
— Luis Felipe Sanchez – Marketing Director, Inuit

how I help

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Reconnect people to their unique human potential while giving them the clarity & confidence to bring their whole selves to work. 

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Rebuild trust, cultivate meaningful relationships across teams & departments and enable open, transparent communication. 

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Revitalise teams who are fatigued by change, have lost a little mojo or are about to embark on a large scale project or org-wide transformation.

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Re-energise teams by helping them reimagine their experience at work and empowering them to take an active role in reshaping it.

Whenever I need to shake things up and get my people thinking outside the box, I head straight to Mykel Dixon. His content is real, relevant and rock-solid. Hot tip - make him bring the band!
— David Lawson – L&D Director, Bayer

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I’ve never experienced as talented and thoughtful a session group leader and facilitator as Mykel. His meticulous preparation, early building of trust, flexibility to adapt to the group’s evolution....and his own humility and openness was a powerful catalyst to the most effective group leadership session I have ever encountered in my career.
— Sean Hughes – Senior Executive, Tabcorp