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Mykel Dixon is here to save the world.

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From boring work, bland events and beige bosses. A musician by trade, gypsy by nature, fierce non-conformist and prolific anti-perfectionist, Myke leads a new wave of conscious, creative business leaders who strive to make work feel more like play, teams feel more like family, and organisations feel more like festivals of possibility.

Speaking globally to a stellar cast of the world’s most successful brands, Mykel gets to see first hand what stops us making magic at work. This hurts his squishy widdle heart so he’s made it his mission to liberate the innate and infinite potential of people everywhere.

His intent for every presentation or program is that every attendee leaves feeling more connected to their innate creativity, more confident to express their unique perspective, and more committed to being a force for good at work (and in life).

Just like that time you were upgraded to first class, once you’ve experienced Mykel Dixon, it’s hard to go back to coach.

Named Australia’s Breakthrough Speaker of The Year (by the Professional Speakers Association) and revered among his peers for his ability to rewrite the rules, Myke is regularly used as the ‘X-factor’ moment for any conference or event. Shifting and lifting the energy of a room from passive consumers of content to proactive co-creators of the experience.

And in 2021, Myke's second book 'Everyday Creative – a dangerous guide to making magic at work' was named the #1 leadership book in the country by the esteemed Australian Business Book Awards.

He is undeniably knowledgeable, charismatic and clever in regards to creativity, team dynamics and organisational success; yet he remains refreshingly accessible, authentic and safe for people to explore, take risks and have a go – a recipe for every kind of breakthrough.

2018 Winner!!!!

Breakthrough Speaker of the year

*Professional Speakers Association of Australia.

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2021 Winner!!!!

Leadership Book of The Year

*The Australian Business Book Awards.

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Myke's Manifesto

The mavericks and misfits, rebels and renegades, outsiders and originals who believe in business as unusual, design their business for renewal, and demonstrate that business can and should be beautiful.

My work lives at the intersection of Creativity, Culture and Consciousness. It is fuel for those who are committed to evolving business from transactional to transcendent, from self-serving to self-actualising, from competition to co-creation and beyond.

And if you’re reading this…that means you.

We are living in a 21st Century Renaissance. A time in which creativity is the strongest economic currency, culture will make or break your company and  human is the only meaningful strategy.

In a world of accelerating change, we are all be asked to redefine our relevance. But ensuring a consistent, sustainable & differentiated advantage now requires a new approach.

While the many seek certainty, speed and scale, the courageous few are finding fortune on the fringes. Small teams of visionary leaders who recognise that nowadays, money follows meaning, good thinking needs deep feeling and the maker matters just as much as what is being made.

Mykel Dixon: Author

Everyday Creative

$ 25.00 AUD

This book is for anyone who feels like they have more to give but struggles to get it out. Packed full of powerful, practical and poetic tools, this inspiring and infectious read will help you cut through the barriers that prevent creativity at work while giving you the clarity and confidence to unleash your wild, untamed self-expression into every pocket of your personal and professional life.

Just Do 5omething

$ 24.00 AUD

Creative work can be fraught with fear and self-sabotage. To make art means to reveal the most vulnerable parts of ourselves to an often cold and indifferent world. Delivered with trademark authenticity, powerful simplicity and an astonishing array of typos, Mykel Dixon makes it crystal clear – your creative recovery is the most important thing you can do for you, your colleagues and your community.

testaments to myke

Mykel is a rare talent. He was so effective with us because he blends real business acumen with artistic vision. He speaks both languages so fluently that it allowed us to bring our barriers down, to be creative and to be ourselves. We’re never going to forget that.

Luis Sanchez
GM Marketing, Intuit Australia

Whenever I need to shake things up and get my people thinking outside the box, I head straight to Mykel Dixon. Creative Artist, Chief Experimenter, the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla. His perspective is always real, relevant and rock solid but when he delivers it with the band, he's untouchable.

David Lawson Head of OD, Bayer

I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to work with Myke and curate an event together. And when I say work, I mean have a blast! And when I say curate an event I really mean I gave him a very loose agenda and he made absolute magic out of it. I cannot recommend him enough!

Juhi McInerney - People & Culture Manager, Shinewing

Mykel is a true business visionary. He not only thought and wrote about artisan thinking long before business mainstream took notice, but he also embodies it with great passion and rigor. I have never met someone who can so easily switch between artistic vision and practical value, strategic foresight and hands-on delivery, boardroom and rock’n roll.

Tim Leberecht - Co founder & Co CEO House of Beautiful Business

Mykel Dixon is a team.
— All these people bring brilliance.

Mykel Dixon

Me, Your Host

Kate Stubbings

The succes behind the success

Meet the band

Phil Ceberano


Danny McKenna


Tristan Courtney

Double and Electric Bassist

Marcel Yammouni


But who is Myke really?

He’s just like you. One in 7.8 billion. A snowflake of unique self-expression held together by skin and bones. And just like you, he has a few stories to tell.

Like when he accidentally bought a beach bar in Cambodia. Or spent a month in silence at an Indian ashram. Or when he lost and found his soul with a shaman in the Amazon.

Or when worked as a Nanny in Liverpool, was a busker on the streets of Melbourne, or was the Lion in The Wizard of Oz in his school production (which still sits as the highlight of his performance career).

These diverse experiences continue to inspire and inform his work and he can’t wait to write a new story worth remembering, with you.

Let's talk

Have an event coming up? Or team that needs a little TLC? Curious about how we might make magic together? Then reach out post haste to Kate and let’s get the conversation started.

Note: Myke is regularly booked out 9 months in advance so it’s always a good idea to check availably.

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