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Award-winning, soul-stirring, convention-breaking keynotes.

Today’s audiences have changed. They don’t want stale, uninspired business content full of tired stories, meaningless stats and awkward ice-breaking activities. They want dynamic live learning experiences that shift the way they see themselves and the world.

Speaking globally to the world’s biggest brands Mykel blends his unique live performance experience, an obsession with audience participation and a magnetic stage presence, to drive maximum impact with every presentation.

Mykel Dixon is #1 choice for event organisers, conference planners and organisations who seek a speaker with real Wow factor.

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Making events, conferences and gatherings more magical since '81'

Nothing compares to a well-executed event. It’s where people connect to ideas. Where relationships strengthen through shared experience. Where moments are made that have the power to change everything.

As the world returns to live in-person events and our expectation of the virtual space moves well-beyond zoom and a ring light, its essential you give your audience something different that actually makes the difference.

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There’s nothing formulaic about a Mykel Dixon keynote.

Speaking globally to a stellar cast of fortune 500 and ASX 200 listed companies, Mykel’s unconventional life experience, compelling vision for business and captivating style of delivery give any conference or event the Wow factor it deserves.

KeyNote 1

Remake your 9-5 so it brings you alive.

The Wow of Work

The pandemic has revealed many things about who we are, what we value and what we want from our experience at work.

As organisations race to re-engage their people and retain their best talent, no one seems to be talking about the things that really matter.

It’s not just about more cash or more choice. If we’re going to give 40 hours a week to something other than our family or our passion, it’s gotta be wow.

This keynote is rocket fuel for those who want to lead a new way at work.

Regardless of title or experience there is a movement emerging yearn to make work feel more like play, teams feel more like family, and organisations feel more like festivals of possibility.

With his trademark energy, deep research and razor-sharp wit, Mykel shows audiences how to reclaim their vision, redefine their value, and reinvent the way we work.

Perfect for:

Leaders and teams who have lost their spark and need to fall back in love with their customers, colleagues and the magical possibilities that exist in their day to day work.

Audiences will leave:

Inspired and motivated to dream bigger, act bolder and lead the change they want to see in their team, company or industry.

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KeyNotes 2

A dangerous guide to making magic at work.

Everyday Creative

What’s really stopping is from being creative at work? The boss? The boredom? The bureaucracy? Nope. It’s the story we tell ourselves about who we are and what we’re capable of.

Based on his award-winning book (named the #1 leadership book in Australia in 2021), this keynote is for audiences who know they need to be more creative at work but can’t  find the time or resources to give to it.

Packed full of powerful, practical and poetic tools, this inspiring and infectious presentation will help you cut through the barriers that prevent creativity at work while giving you the clarity and confidence to unleash your wild, untamed self-expression into every pocket of your personal and professional life.

Perfect for:

People who recognise the value and need for more creativity at work but mistakenly believe they haven't got a creative bone in their body.

Audiences will leave:

Confident and compelled to explore and express more of their unique, innate creativ and company.

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KeyNotes 3

How to win at work and life by breaking the rules.

Black Sheep Rising

When did work get so... boring?  Compliance, regulation, assessment. Pre-approved questions, watered down objectives, micro- managed projects. Is it any wonder we’re in the midst of a global engagement crisis. We’re mostly on auto-pilot, rewarded for mediocrity, and terrified to colour outside the lines. 

Organisations today need more risk-takers, rule-breakers and mischief makers. They need unconventional leaders who are unafraid of ruffling a few feathers in order to build something better. And employees today need a sense of agency. They need opportunities to explore and express their unique talents, perspective and experience without fear of retribution or redundancy.  

In this keynote, Mykel shows audiences how to find and follow the loveable rogue that lives in all of us. By giving them tools to bend and break rules, attendees will find the clarity, creativity and courage to push their company (and themselves) to new levels of performance.

Perfect for:

The misfits and mavericks, rebels and renegades, outliers and originals who have been hiding in your organisation, withholding their unconventional gifts and talents.

Audiences will leave:

Reconnected to their wild, weird and wonderful selves, empowered to bring ALL of their originality to work, and ready to ruffle a few feathers, rock a few boats and shake a few trees.

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testaments to myke

“Mykel absolutely nailed the brief at the Retail Live Awards 2019. He redefined the audience experience and set a new bar for the way we engage audiences at this type of event”

Amie Larter - CEO, Octomedia

I can confidently say after the many hundreds of speakers I have managed in my years as a conference producer that Mykel is a solid golden egg who informs, entertains and inspires audiences every single time!

Melinda Everett - Event Executive, CPA Australia

Mykel’s energy, charisma, musicianship, and humility created something truly magical. Souls were lifted and lives changed. (I won’t even get into how uplifting and memorable the after-party was!) If you are considering taking an event to the next level and creating something truly memorable, just book Myke and let him do his thing. You won’t regret it.

Craig Swann - Event Director, South_Start

As a speaker, facilitator, bandleader and host, with large or small crowds, both on or offline, he breaks every rule in the book, which is exactly what I expect of him and exactly what people need. I usually give him a broadly ambiguous brief, i.e. plenty of room to move, and he delivers every single time.

CJ Holden - Co-founder S P A C E Series





I screen, for Myke-screen

Beam me in, Mykie!

Virtual & Hybrid Events

To succeed as a virtual speaker or MC you need a specific kind of energy. One that reaches through the lens, captivates your audience and compels them to engage with the content. During the two years of lockdowns and border closures, Myke delivered over 100+ virtual keynotes, masterclasses and events with astonishing success.

Beaming in from his broadcast quality livestream studio, featuring multiple 4k cameras, vision switchers, studio lighting, and musical instruments, as well as his masterful use of graphic overlays, sound effects and even a live hotline, Mykel will give your audience with have an online experience they’ve never had before.

"Hands down the best online experience our company has ever had. Mykel Dixon is the king!"


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An engineer of atmosphere

Hostess with the mostest!

The Master of Ceremonies

One of the most overlooked & undervalued ingredients of a successful event, is the host. Great MCs do more than just host. They engineer an atmosphere. They design in real-time a space that keeps attendees engaged, energised and enthusiastic about the topics and purpose of the event.

Mykel is a true Master of Ceremonies. Weaving themes, synthesising sessions, relentlessly posing meaningful questions. His natural authentic style, ability to improvise and addiction to audience participation make him an invaluable asset to any conference or event.

"We can’t thank Mykel enough for such a valuable contribution to a fantastic event. "


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Take it to the moon!

From passengers to prolific co-creators!

Audience Activations

Nowadays, audiences don't want to be force-fed content – they want to co-create it. In addition to speaking and hosting, Mykel has a suite of interactive conference offerings designed to elevate the overall event experience.

Late nite talk shows, battle of the bands, film festivals and great debates. Use them as an energy-disruptor, super-connector or flavour-enhancer to keep people engaged and entertained for the entirety of your event.

"Easily the best day I've ever experienced and for so many reasons. I'm excited and inspired to have the opportunity to learn from this extraordinary artist, author and thinking performer."


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Top five reasons to book Mykel Dixon



Named Australia’s Breakthrough Speaker of The Year by the Professional Speakers Association. Mykel has an enviable and established reputation as a world-class presenter.


Deep connection

Mykel doesn’t just connect with your audience, he connects your audience to each other, facilitating meaningful shared experiences that people remember – and talk about.


Consumate Professional

No mess, no fuss, easy to work with and always on time. Mykel and his team go above and beyond to serve your audience and elevate your event.


Unique Perspective

From breaking vows of silence in Indian Ashrams to owning beach bars in Cambodia, Mykel’s expertise and experience are wildly unconventional and utterly compelling.


Unparalleled Delivery

Live music, spoken-word poetry, video integration and audience participation, if you’re looking for something different that actually makes a difference, Myke’s your man!

Did we mention the band…

Let's talk

Have an event coming up? Or team that needs a little TLC? Curious about how we might make magic together? Then reach out post haste to Kate and let’s get the conversation started.

Note: Myke is regularly booked out 9 months in advance so it’s always a good idea to check availably.

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