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with real Wow factor.

Traditional learning & development programs promise much but deliver little. Tired formats, uninspired content and vague aspirational outcomes designed to tick boxes & keep stakeholders happy.

We break with tradition. Our programs build the skills and mindsets that matter now. Facilitate life-long relationships at work. And transform your company's culture into a competitive advantage.

Made different so it makes the difference.

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High-growth experiences that build capability and strengthen culture.

A well designed learning program isn't just about building capability – it's a tool to attract and retain your best talent. A powerful platform to demonstrate your commitment to having your people thrive in the emerging world of work.

Any program built on Myke's 'Way of the Wow' methodology won't just give your people a practical pathway to their best work, it will give your company a consistent and compounding competitive advantage.

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our Methodolgy 

The way of the wow!

Developed over 10 years, with over 100+ organisations and 1000s of participants, Myke’s ‘Way of The Wow’ methodology has been tested, refined and proven to get results.


Shift context.

Transformation begins by shifting the way people see themselves and their world.

Mykel’s keynotes, offsites and cultural activations are the perfect circuit breaker to wake people out of 'what is' giving them a powerful glimpse of 'what could be!'


Build capability.

To ensure every new possibility becomes a powerful new reality people need tools to transform themselves and their work.

Mykel’s masterclasses and mentoring build the kind of skills and mindsets people want and need now – making them more desired and more easily applied.


Amplify culture.

To harvest the accelerating potential of your people transformation must be embedded at the level of culture.

Mykel's full programs ensure momentum becomes lasting behaviour change by building cultures that support and sustain individual and collective growth.

Learning should feel this good!

The services are exceptionally resonant
for corporate teams.



Half, full or multi-day offsites that reconnect teams, revitalise souls and realign strategy to culture.



Modular deep dives to explore and develop 21st-century skills and mindsets that matter in the now of work.



Curated sequences of brilliant experiences that build creative leaders and transform your culture into a competitive advantage.

testaments to myke

've never experienced as talented and thoughtful a session group leader and facilitator as Mykel. His meticulous preparation, early building of trust, flexibility to adapt to the group's evolution and his own humility and openness was a powerful catalyst to the most effective group leadership session I have ever encountered in my career. I’ve seen many event leaders over the past 20 years and Mykel is without parallel or comparison. Don’t ask ‘why’ you should work with Mykel, ask ‘why not’?

SEAN HUGHES - Executive General Counsel, Tabcorp

Mykel enables anyone he interacts with to feel at home and be themselves so they can tell their stories in a way that's real and inspiring. That's not an easy thing to do by any mean, but Mykel nails it. My hope is that Mykel will continue to influence more organisations to work this way and that he will remain the bighearted person that he is.

RITA MARINI - senior advisor, SAP

Mykel Dixon doesn't speak at you, he takes you on a journey of passionate expression that inspires you, challenges you and elevates your soul. Creative genius, master of engagement and genuine real deal who has a deep passion to see others be great and do great things.

Ben Nicholson - People & Culture Lead, Suncorp

I have so many memories of the way Mykel and his team threaded the artistic/creative theme throughout the whole conference and then how they then tied this together to make it relevant and meaningful to 'our work.' Mykel and his team have something amazing and they are all so 'down to earth' and 'grounded' doing what you can tell…they just 'love doing.'

Gabby Symons - MD, FMCG Services
power punch

Tailored to you or ready-made


A powerful team event can be the catalyst for shifting a company’s performance. But finding a balance between business updates, strategic planning, personal regeneration and team building is not always easy. The risk of wasting a full day off of the tools is real.

Nothing can galvanise a team like a Mykel Dixon offsite. He is a master at designing & facilitating transformative offsite experiences for leaders & teams. Working in partnership with you, he can help curate a program and format that ticks all the boxes while shifting all the dials.

"Mykel was an absolute star to work with. He was so creative with ideas, collaborated with us on our agenda and made our two day leadership offsite next level in terms of connecting our people, engaging our teams and bringing our event to life!"


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deep dive

Build skills & mindsets that matter now


As work evolves, so too must the way we learn. Static content, outdated case studies and a 'chalk n talk' style delivery isn't effective in helping our people build the skills they need to thrive in a 21st century landscape.

Myke’s modular masterclasses are the antidote to ineffective corporate training. Big on practical outcomes, high on immersive experience, rich in tools and techniques participants can immediately apply across all areas of their work and life.

"The results from the work we did together were amazing. We saw a significant uptake in the engagement within the organisation as a result of his work and people left every masterclass wanting more."


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whole shebang

The Trojan Horse of Transformation


Offsites and masterclasses are incredibly effective for stimulating new insight and inspiration among individuals and teams. But to ensure the universal adoption of new skills, and a long-term shift in behaviour change people need consistent and compounding opportunities for growth.

Mykel's robust, evidence-based programs are designed to shift learning from transactional to transformational. Through a carefully curated sequence of high-impact learning experiences, he gives participants a safe, dynamic platform to experiment with and embody their full potential.

"As a business we cannot recommend Mykel highly enough. He took a careful, considered approach when planning every session to ensure it achieved the right outcomes. It was the most effective and enjoyable program we have ever run, We don’t know how to better it’"


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Bankwest blaze leadership conference
wabi sabi - chamber of beautiful business
tabcorp general counsel conference

Let's get your people thriving.

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Note: Myke is regularly booked out 9 months in advance so it’s always a good idea to check availably.

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